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Life on a Pencil : Komikon 2008 coverage

booths at komikon

November 22nd 2008 was marked as the Fourth Annual Filipino Komiks Convention or KOMIKON which celebrates Filipino comics enthusiast, hobbyist, collectors, companies and more. The venue of the event was once again successfully celebrated at University of the Philippines’ Bahay ng Aliumni in Quezon City.

Hooh! Quezon City, another time and energy consuming trip from my hometown Dasmariñas in Cavite but everything was “worth” it. It’s already the 24th day of November 2008 Monday,my proud mama’s birthday. It took me a while to post this because of again technical Operating system problems (when will the conflicts eND?!!). Okay enough rambling and on with the coverage of the 4th Annual Komikon 2008.

I started leaving for Cavite at around 6:30 in the morning to avoid being stuck with the heavy traffic (and believe me when you get stuck in traffic here in the Philippines, you will be stuck for hours.). To my surprise, the trip was almost flawless and the bus I took only encountered a few light traffic along the way, making the trip from Dasmariñas Cavite to Diliman Quezon City a fast one (two hours or less to be precise).
For Caviteños like me who wanted to go to University of the Philippines Diliman Quezon City, here is the right economic route to take (Thanks to Azrael for this transportaion guide):

From Dasmariñas Town Proper ride a bus until Pasay LRT/MRT Station. From thrn on ride a bus heading to SM Fairview and request the bus conductor to drop you off Philcoa. *** From Philcoa ride a jeepney taking the “UP ikot” route. Finally ask and request the jeepney driver to drop you off at the Bahay ng Alumni.

*** I don’t know if I’ve been duped or what but the driver drop me off in some point so I still took a jeep going to Philcoa. Stupidity will really cost you about eight pesos more hahahaha

check out his Komikon 2008 coverage at http://lifeonapencil.blogspot.com/2008/11/jam-packed-4th-annual-komikon-aftermath.htm


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Seeking Naruto-style artist

just saw this and share this post from the Artists Den ML

Hello denizens,

My friend Conrad is looking for an artist who can mimic the Naruto style:

"looking for illustrators who can draw ala Naruto. pls email your URL to
conrad{at}dualactionblender{dot}com "

Illustration and painting portfolio

Digital Coloring & Painting Workshops


My production & inspiration blog

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Amorsolo Illustrations at Lopez Museum

guys, if you have time . Pls check out the exhibited komiks done by our masters.

Ganito Pala sa Maynila, Fernando AmorsoloThe National Artist Fernando Amorsolo, while known more for his countryside scenes, was also an illustrator for novels and komiks. In fact, he provided the illustrations for the popular comic strip, “Ganito pala sa Maynila,” which satirized the social issues during the American of occupation of the Philippines, serialized in the Bagong Lipang Kalabaw magazine from 1922 to 1924.

Some of Amorsolo’s illustrations from 1909 to 1924 are showcased in “Tell-tale: The Artist as Storyteller, Amorsolo as Co-Author” at the Lopez Museum.

As an illustrator, Amorsolo had collaborated with early twentieth-century writers like Tagalog novelists Iñigo Regalado and Severino Reyes, editor Lope K. Santos, and writer-educator Camilo O. Osias.

read more here at http://pinoycentric.com/2008/10/03/amorsolo-illustrations-at-lopez-museum/

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16th Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustrations

The Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU) calls for participants to the Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustrations, a biennial contest organised since 1978. This Concours is designed to discover up-and-coming, adult illustrators, graphic designers and artists in Asia (except Japan), the Pacific, Africa, Arab States, Latin America and the Caribbean, to provide an occasion at which they can present their works widely and to offer incentives for their creative activities.

The International Jury is comprised of well-known editors and illustrators of children’ s books from different countries, and the jury members meet in Tokyo and select one Grand Prize winner, two Second Prize winners, ten Runner-up winners and twenty Encouragement Prize winners. The prize-winning works are exhibited the following year in Tokyo and at the Biennale of Illustrations Bratislava (BIB) in Slovakia, ensuring their exposure to a wide audience and generating opportunities for publication. All prize-winners are awarded with a medal designed by Mr. Sugita Yutaka. In addition, cash prizes are given to recipients in the Grand Prize (US$ 3,000), Second Prize (US$1,000) and Runner-up (US$300) categories. The award-winning works are presented at this website, as well as in the catalogue in book format.

The Concours is operated under the Noma International Book Development Fund, which was established in commemoration of the receipt of the first International Book Award in 1974 by the late Mr. Noma Shoichi, the then president of Kodansha publishing company and Vice-President of the Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU).

In 1983, the Noma Concours began official exchanges with the BIB, an international exhibition that focuses mainly on works from Western artists, and since then the winning works from the Noma Concours have been shown in Europe. The Tokyo and Bratislava exhibitions provide an unparalleled opportunity and source of incentive for Concours prize-winners.

General Conditions for Entry

Who can enter?

Nationals of UNESCO Member States in Asia (except Japan), the Pacific, Latin America & the Caribbean, Africa and the Arab States.

What to submit for an entry?

Either one or the other of the following:
Illustrations for unpublished books
Illustrations for published books, as long as they have not been published in countries in Europe, North America, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.
Entries must be original illustrations prepared for picture books
One entry should comprise five or more separate illustrations for one story
Entrants should be above 15 years old.

When will the next Concours be?
The 16th Noma Concours has now start soliciting entries. The closing date is 30 September 2008.

For detailed information about the next Concours, please visit the web site: http://www.accu.or.jp/noma/english/about/e_index.html

source : http://www.ncca.gov.ph/about-ncca/announcements/International%20desk/intl-nomaconcours2008.php

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Ni Hao, Chopsticks fans!

This 2008, experience another Hopia-filled Tsinoy slice of life!  Fresh from the streets of Binondo Chinatown!

CHOPSTICKS 2: Kung-Fu Mahjong!

Now available at all leading bookstores nationwide, its a compilation of my sunday strips from the pages of Manila Bulletin.


Published by PSICOM
Only 100 Pesos!

BOOK LAUNCH will be at the Book Fair
SMX Convention Center
Sept 12 to 16, 2008
PSICOM Booth 4 to 6PM


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Looking for cartoonist

got this post from nico and katwo

We’re looking for cartoonist who can create pugad baboy characters to be animated. no need for animation skills, just good illustration skills for print.

If interested, or know anybody, email me samples of your work at info [at] 2720 [dot] tv. thanks!

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Carlo J. Caparas receives Gawad Saguisag Balagtas award

ANOTHER ACHIEVEMENT. Carlo J. Caparas being awarded by PASATAF president Alberto A. Macob. Photo by Mary Grace Nacu/NORDIS

Read more here

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Comics Growing Through Blogs

Since iBlog started, Jonas Diego (head of Robo Monkey Pixel Fighters) is one active volunteer and many of us have witnessed how his webcomics evolved through his blog. This coming iBlog4, Jonas will give an update on his blog and webcomics project that he started last year.

Blog comics otherwise known as webcomics are created by independent creators. This, according to Jonas, allows us to get a wider variety of content tackling an equally wide variety of subjects that we don’t normally encounter in traditional mainstream media.

Read more at http://ituloy–angsulong.blogspot.com/2008/03/comics-growing-through-blogs.html

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The Art of Alex Nino 2008

got this big news from Gerry Alanguilan’s blog, read more news here and in here Auad Publishing


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GLASS HOUSE GRAPHICS’ 15TH ANNIVERSARY: A Look Behind The Company That’s “Behind The Scenes”

by David Lawrence

            Homeless, a young man in tattered clothes and ratty hair steps through the trash and muck of a garbage dump.  He “lives” there.  Finding an old tire and a discarded sheet of transparent plastic, he fashions a makeshift drawing table and practices inking a comicbook page with whatever tools and supplies he can scrounge.

A married illustrator in a small foreign city works long hours as a newspaper paste-up artist to house and feed his wife — weeks away from giving birth to their daughter — on less than five dollars a day.

An unemployed commercial artist survives a tragic public bus crash where others lost their lives, only to be turned away from his hard-won job interview after arriving disheveled and bloody.

A student, poor and uncommonly thin, struggles to learn to draw comicbook pages before a congenital heart defect ends his dream and his life.  His family cannot afford to have the necessary surgery performed.

Sad stories with more in common than undiscovered talent and a love for the comicbook medium, they share a happy ending called Glass House Graphics — a company well known by editors and publishers but something of a secret to comicbook fans.

Happy Endings Are Only The Beginning

*  The homeless inker became Jeffrey Huet, star Marvel embellisher on The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, New Avengers Annual, and other titlesHe has bought a home for himself and his family.

*  The undiscovered paste-up artist was Mike Deodato, Jr., the Marvel superstar on Spider-Man, The Avengers, Hulk, Thunderbolts, and more.

*  The rejected crash survivor was Will Conrad, soon a prized inker who later became a top Dark Horse penciller on Conan, Serenity, and the upcoming Kull.

*  The artist needing open-heart surgery was Wilson Tortosa, now healthy and noted for his work on Battle of the Planets, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and the upcoming Wolverine: The Manga. 

All were discovered and trained by, with careers carefully molded and developed by, Glass House Graphics.  But they’re just the tips of the comicbook iceberg.

Celebrating its 15th Anniversary this month, Glass House Graphics is a professional service firm and agency that is home to those and 118 other artists, writers, designers, painters, and colorists hailing from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, England, Portugal, the Netherlands, Australia, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

Founded in 1993, Glass House Graphics’ genesis came when its C.E.O. David Campiti was  founder and publisher of Innovative Corp. (Innovation Publishing) in 1988.  Under his leadership that little company became by 1991 the fourth largest comicbook publisher in the United States — its success built upon adaptations and tie-ins of books, TV shows, and films, helping the company to carve out a unique niche in the marketplace.  Among its most successful were adaptations of such Anne Rice novels as Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, and The Queen of the Damned.   Securing the rights to adapt Rice was a coup that put Innovation on the map.

The company also published comics based on Piers Anthony’s On a Pale Horse; the TV series Dark Shadows, Quantum Leap, Beauty and the Beast and Lost in Space, its biggest seller; and the seminal science-fiction movie classic Forbidden Planet, all of which Campiti personally negotiated, edited, and often wrote or co-wrote.

Those were heady days for the entire industry, with an unprecedented number of publishers producing a quantity of material unmatched since the halcyon years of the Golden Age.  The extreme demand for quality artists inspired
Campiti to search far from traditional sources to fill the pages of Innovation’s expanding line of titles.

He turned first to Brazil, where a thriving market for American comics existed alongside a seamy homegrown industry that paid starvation wages to artists.  His attention initially drawn there by bootleg reproduction of Innovation titles, Campiti was impressed to discover an unexpected and untapped goldmine of talent.

Among his first discoveries from Brazil in late 1990 was the now-legendary Mike Deodato, Jr., whose earliest American work was published in the pages of Innovation’s full-color painted adaptation of the cult favorite TV series Beauty and the Beast.  Others, such as Joe Bennett, Luke Ross, and Joe Pimentel, followed as Campiti built connections to a rising roster of international talent.  Continue reading

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Ryan Orosco’s new project

its cool to see Ryan’s new work and I know he will be surprise when he see this post, I just saw it in some blog dude!.

Ryan style in creating creatures and monsters give me the creeps, I’m not really sure were he gets some idea and I know its a part of those imaginary things that run in his head heehee, sometimes it creeps me whenever he narrate some of his nightmare stories.

for more info of what he’s working on check this blog that reached my inbox for updates.

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Timawa #6 preview page

One preview page for Timawa issue 6 is now up in Gerry’s blog, you can view the panel preview page her.
Also Gerry said that the issue 6 of  Timawa that will appear in The Buzz  Magazine will have two pages only.

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