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Ang Panday – movie for 2009

Starring Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr.
Direction: Mac Alejandre and Rico Gutierrez

My friend Jori saw the teaser trailer in the cinema, and I just can’t believe myself that they will be producing a remake of Ang Panday, then YouTube answered all my questions.

Above is the teaser trailer of a new revamp (or re-issue or modern take) for the classic comics and movie “Ang Panday” which FPJ originally fill its boots as the first Panday ( blacksmith). But after the death of the action king FPJ, another actor inherits the mighty sword and that is Bong Revilla Jr. I remember that I watched the last (and good one) movie of the Panday movie series, starring Bong for the movie “Dugo ng Panday”, I just forgot his characters back then.. But now, here in the 2009 remake, looks like Bong will be playing the main Panday / character of Flavio.

The teaser trailer looks good, kinda Dragon ball Z-ish ahhaha. Hope they can bring a kick ass villain like Lizardo, the aliens, zombies, and many more. and ohhh. I’m expect a good CGI effect here, hope more great than Resiklo and Exodus.

Im a big Panday fan, so I will be waiting for its development.

if you like to see the 1st classic movie, just view it below.

CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING Ang Panday – movie for 2009


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Bayan Knights # 2 preview

Gilbert Monsanto had just release a preview page spread for Bayan Knights issue 2.

Click on the image above to view it in large format. Its the Bayan Knights super heroes battling these werewolves monster that terrorizes the city.

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check out the cover and inside comics sequential art by Mico Suayan, more samples at http://www.comicscontinuum.com/stories/0901/05/marvelfirsts.htm

you can meet Mico Suayan this Saturday in Comics Odyssey for the comic book launching event and autograph signing from 2pm-4pm only.

you can read more of the event here at  Mico Suayan’s Dead of Night : Werewolf by Night # 1 Comic Book Launching event

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Love is in the Bag Volume 2 Previews

Ace Vitangcol, comic creator of Love is in the Bag, has provided us a short preview for the upcoming volume 2, that will be available maybe this month in our local bookstores.

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Love is in the Bag Volume 2’s almost in stores (we’re just waiting for the stock to arrive!), so for the meantime, here are some samples from the book! – Ace

more at http://acevitangcol.multiply.com/journal/item/43

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The Search For Weng Weng docu film teaser!

finally, we can see a short teaser  of Andrew Leavold documentary film about Weng Weng.

read more here

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13 days to go for Trese komiks

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check out this great update from mr. babbling point himself – Budjette Tan for he gave us a big update about the Trese komiks book 1 compilation, and there’s a video were we can see the actual size of the comic book and it looks like that the comics has been resized and larger than the original release. There are other added pages like sketches, illustrations and character designs.

hmmm..hope we can see Alexandra Trese in bikini !!!

cover price : Php140

you can read more about the update and the video here at

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Trese Book 1 cover preview

here’s the cover preview for Book 1.

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the first book will be sold for  P140

thanks to Budj for the twitter news

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Private Iris – a new Graphic Novel by Jamie Bautista and Arnold Arre

Jamie and Arnold surprised us with this great new comics!!
I was preparing to go offline then suddenly, Arnold Arre sent this info to my email and please check it out !!!!

Hi everyone,

You are invited to check out the brand spankin’ new website of Private Iris, a mystery comic series that challenges kids of all ages to match wits with MacGuffin Plains’ brilliant but secretive super sleuth, Private Iris.


The masterminds behind this new mystery series are Jamie Bautista and Arnold Arre. Read more about them here:

Book launch is slated for April 19, 2008 at Fully Booked in Bonifacio Heights.
(Pls check the site for more details)


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Secret Invasion issue 1 – World Premiere

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I thought that the comics will be available on a Saturday, and I’m glad that I went to Filbars SM MOA last Monday to ask when will the Secret Invasion issue 1 will come out in our local store, and the world premiere of the release of the comics is on April 2, our local comic store went on a great schedule releasing on April 3. So I went back to Filbars awhile ago to check if the issue 1 is available and lucky me they still got one copy left, its the nearest mall and comic store for me here in Cavite, so when I arrived home, I read it immediately and was too shock to talk on what I saw here. And I got a variant blank cover for issue 1 – hmmm hope I can get a Leinil Yu sketch for this cover 🙂 wink wink

Its a lot more bigger than the Civil War series, a lot of scary revelations occur for Issue 1 and its a big explosive premiere for Secret Invasion. I won’t post any stories for issue 1, but I’ll just post some panels for a teaser to everyone. You wont be spoiled here, promise.

more images and comments after the jump
CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING Secret Invasion issue 1 – World Premiere

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The Marvelous Adventures of the Amazing Dr. Rizal

Gerry Alanguilan finally show a one page teaser art for his new graphic novel series “The Marvelous Adventures of the Amazing Dr. Rizal “, which is still been on hold for some reason and I know everyone here are excited to read the whole graphic novel. more news from Gerry’s blog at http://gerry.alanguilan.com/archives/430


from this komiks, I’m now expecting new and cool terms that will be derived under the man called “Rizal”

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10 page preview of Marvel’s Secret Invasion

I’m already getting crazy since last month about this upcoming Marvel comics new cross over and Its time to go back the old ways of playing hide and seek. Look for the unknown enemy in your own backyard! Oh boy, I’m sure I’ll hit the comic store next week for the first issue. Don’t miss this comics, penciled by Pinoy artist, Leinil Yu.

what are we expecting from this series? here are some of my 1 peso load points.
1. revelation of who are the skrulls disguising as our superhero characters.
2. infiltrating the Marvel universe, time frame will be revealed
3. Where in the world is Elektra and Blackbolt
4. Captain America alive?? or really dead
5. Tony Stark is a skrull! hahahaha
6. Who else is a skrull
7. Will the skrull make friends with the humans and pay a rental fee for staying on Earth?
8. How long is this series?!!!!! i just hope that it will last til November 2008.
9. ok I’ll shut up!, I’m a skrull!

read the preview by visit this link.

check out also below for a animated web episode feature on Secret Invasion.
and also a link for the Secret Invasions Prologue comic preview that shows some great clues on where to find Skrulled superheroes. This is a great lead to start speculating.

CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING 10 page preview of Marvel’s Secret Invasion

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Sindak Magazine – comics page preview

The magazine is coming available by the last week of March!
thanks to KC for the big news, you can read more news about the magazine here in KC’s blog

//img149.imageshack.us/img149/1137/sindakpage3267500xg5.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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