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Komikon 2008 blog coverage and updates

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I went to the Komikon 2008 yesterday as a media man and I’m there to do a photo coverage of the event and also to support Filipino komiks. I arrived late and I’m already getting worried that some komiks that I’m planning to grab might be out of stock, so I prayed and let the komiks gods help me arrive on time and discard away from bad elements on my way to UP Diliman. As soon as I receive my media ID pass at the registration area, I started to roam around and took some photos, the venue is already jam packed and I position myself next to a portable air cooler just to absorb some cold air and prepare for a hot and crowded convention for Filipino Komiks.
(you may read more below for the entire story)

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Komikon 2008 – new comics and items releases

Written by Azrael Coladilla on 8:45 PM Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Check out our listing of interesting new indie comics releases and also items that will be launched this Saturday at the Komikon 2008 : 4th Filipino Komiks Convention.

This is a cross post entry to my blogs Azrael’s Merryland, Komiks News Now Philippines
and my Multiply blog. If you are a comic creator and will release your comics or merchandise at Komikon 2008, feel free to email me your new comic title releases with pic and synopsis. For any corrections of information listed below, just email or post a comment below to correct me.

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“Babies” Boom: Arnold Arre showcases his best work yet

got it from : http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=44126743108&ref=nf

Arnold Arre showcases his best work yet in the powerfully personal graphic novel “Martial Law Babies”
By Ruel S. De Vera (Philippine Daily Inquirer, Saturday Nov. 15 2008 – Super, page E3)

Martial Law Babies / 286 pages / black & white

Sometimes, approached like a lost tribe, a “martial law baby” is more a state of mind than a general distinction.

These are people, once young, now not so, who were disenfranchised by the abrupt disappearance of the Japanese robot anime shows “Voltes V” most notoriously, among other artifacts.

Having grown up under the Marcos regime’s gloved gauntlet, these babies carried it’s shadow with them long after the Marcoses were out of power. Having once lost their heroes, the ystruggle to save others and themselves.

This is literary territory mined magnificently by Katrina Tuvera (in fiction) and Jessica Zafra (in essays) among others. Now, award-winning comic book creator Arnold Arre (“The Mythology Class”) explores this precious space in his new, substantial graphic novel “Martial Law babies” (Nautilus Comics, Mandaluyong City, 2008, 286 pages).

“We’re hopeless romantics,” Arre’s characters state. “We’re expert daydreamers.”
In a love letter to his generation, Arre distills that treacherous journey through the eyes of narrator Allan, poetic and put-upon, and his barkada – acerbic Rebecca, fun-loving Francis and privileged Carol – from their short pants days in the 70s to the interminable future.

A seemingly innocuous appearance on the “Uncle Bobby Lucky Club” TV show leads to divergent paths for the friends, all the way to college in the University of the Philippines, where their circle grows and their worlds grow complicated.
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Are you ready for Gerry Alanguilan’s ELMER comics issue 4

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The much awaited final issue of Elmer will be launched this coming Saturday, November 22 at the UP Bahay ng Alumni, many komiks fans and also Gerry Alanguilan fans and readers are excited to grab the book four and final chapter of Gerry’s graphic novel entitled “Elmer”. If you are new to this title, its not yet too late for you, You can still download the 1st issue in Gerry’s website and read it in your computer, the 1st issue is already out of print, while issue 2 and 3 are still available in our local comic book shops. ( read more below)
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Jomike Tejido’s “Foldabots” Toy and comic launching event

Our fellow Transfan Jomike is here to invite everyone for his book launch of his comics and paper toy that is called, Foldabots. Inspired from the Transformers, these paper robots change its look from robot to vehicle and animals.


WHERE: POWERBOOKS LIVE, Greenbelt 3, Makati
WHEN: Nov. 15, 2008, Saturday
TIME: 3pm- 5pm

WEBSITE: www.foldabots.multiply.com

FOLDABOTS are cut-out paper robots that can transform into animals or vehicles, and back!.
The best thing about it is that kids can make it themselves!

FOLDABOTS is an on-going monthly publication in K-Zone Magazine since May 2006. Pinoy kids have been creating the characters that shout Pinoy pride: Buhawi, the Phil. Eagle, Kidlat the race car, Ukay the excavator truck, Bangis the guard dog and many others!

It’s a fusion of art, Filipino nationalism and toy-collecting where kids don’t just buy toys, but learn to create them!

THE TOY BOOK also has 12 free AGIMAT POWER playing cards for hours and hours of fun!

YOU JUST GOTTA BE THERE, And be part of Foldabots history!

The event will be covered and uploaded in Youtube for the world to see!

GAMES! DRAWING CONTEST! PRIZES! plus Special prizes for early birds who sign up!

WHERE: POWERBOOKS LIVE, Greenbelt 3 Makati
WHEN: Nov. 15, 2008, Saturday
TIME: 3pm-5-pm
WEBSITE: www.foldabots.multiply.com

See you there!
Thank you.

Jomike Tejido
Creator, FOLDABOTS toys and Comics

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The 4th Annual Filipino Komiks Convention 2008


The 4th Annual Filipino Komiks Convention or Komikon kicks off this month of November, and I’ll be there to cover the event and also feature the good and latest independent komiks and creators here in my blog. I’m glad that we can be part of it as a media man/blogger for the coverage, and would you know that this event started when I written a concept for the 1st year of the convention, but now the event continues without me and the Artists’ Den really put up a hard work in order to do it an annual event. The event for Filipino comics now grows and now the event is back!

The event concept I did was last 2005, and this note was used to conceptualize and
organize the Komikon 2005 : 1st Philippine Komiks Convention in UP Diliman.

its an old event note, but I might do a revision soon and share it again to all

this is my own formulated notes for our lecture in De La Salle University last thursday ( year 2005 ) for their LaSallian Enrichment Alternative Program (LEAP)

me and Artists’ Den was invited to give lecture about “Making Business Through Comics” as for my part my topic was “Organizing Comics Events and Convention” in events organizing a comic event, here’s my lecture notes based only from my experience and observation. An event concept that materializes into Komikon 2005.

read it here at

read more below for details and date checklist of various comics event for November



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Arnold Arre’s Martial Law Babies graphic novel : teaser poster 3 and official website

Written by Azrael Coladilla on 4:37 PM Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I got this teaser poster again from Arnold Arre, and the book is near to hit our comic book shops and book stores. Check out also the official website http://martiallawbabies.com/

the website features a lot of goodies, from production notes, art samples and photos for the new graphic novel Martial Law Babies. Also I just found out that these teaser posters is like a countdown by year, maybe the next teaser poster is a year for 2000.

Where were you when QUAD is our Megamall and people wearing Docs and not Crocs?

About Martial Law Babies graphic novel

Award-winning graphic novelist Arnold Arre takes us on a nostalgic trip through some of the Philippines’ most colorful and compelling eras – from the rigidness of pre-EDSA Manila to the dizzying, commercially-intoxicated world of the new millenium.

Allan and his friends are Martial Law Babies: born during the Marcos regime, raised by TV, and shaped by 80s music. Their ambitions may be dampened by third world realities and malcontention but they also proudly belong to a generation of dreamers who fight for their voices to be heard. They are among the so-called “Bagong Lipunan” children, trying their best to live up to their name. But over the years, as Allan watches his friends leave one by one and feels his sense of idealism wane, he starts to wonder where they are all headed.

About the author

Arnold Arre has won National Book Awards for The Mythology Class and Trip to Tagaytay. He is currently working on several other novels, all of which touch on various aspects of Filipino life. Martial Law Babies is his fourth graphic novel.
Visit www.arnold-arre.com

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Trese and Ambush comics team up

check this out coming on October 19th in the pages of Manila Bulletin.

//images.ambush007.multiply.com/image/3/photos/85/500x500/1/trese-and-ambushMULTIPLY.jpg?et=MqVbceBxkOtZjsi2hPydcA&nmid=120245179” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

A murder at AMbush’s Campus…. and there was no solid evidence what happened or how it happened… police believed it was done by a maligno…. they called an expert. And the expert called for a team up.

Starts this October 19 to November 2
A Halloween Special for you! Only in the Manila Bulletin!

souce : http://ambush007.multiply.com/

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Diliman comics in Aswang documentary film

Tobie Abad sent us an information that his digital web comics Diliman will be a part of a documentary film about “aswangs”. I got this info from his Diliman comics mailing list


Some portions of this comic shall be part of a documentary exploring
the roots and truths behind the Aswang mythology.

Thank you to Jordan Clark for having my comic as part of the documentary!

http://aswangmovie. blogspot. com

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Love is in the Bag Volume 2 Previews

Ace Vitangcol, comic creator of Love is in the Bag, has provided us a short preview for the upcoming volume 2, that will be available maybe this month in our local bookstores.

//i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk305/ace_writer/Vol2_p123sample.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Love is in the Bag Volume 2’s almost in stores (we’re just waiting for the stock to arrive!), so for the meantime, here are some samples from the book! – Ace

more at http://acevitangcol.multiply.com/journal/item/43

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Arnold Arre’s Martial Law Babies graphic novel : Special Pre-order Offer

Arnold Arre just sent me some details on how to get his new graphic novel book. Just check out the 2nd teaser poster and the details below on how can you get a discounted price by pre-ordering it.

Where were you when Ninoy was shot?


The book’s retail price is Php 500 but interested readers can avail of the special pre-order offer: receive a signed copy of the book at P50-off and have it delivered straight to your address a week before its official release. 🙂

For more info, you may check out the website: http://www.martiallawbabies.com
or send an email to preorders@martiallawbabies.com

Please feel free to spread the word, thank you so much.

Best regards,

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Samahang Kartunista ng Pilipinas ( SKP ) launched contest for its members

THE NATIONAL PRESS CLUB (NPC) and the Samahang Kartunista ng Pilipinas (SKP), launched yesterday the NPC-SKP annual editorial cartoon competition. The NPC-SKP Editorial Competition will be called The BoyTogs Awards in honor of Romeo “Boy” Togonon, a hard-hitting editorial cartoonist who died two years ago and who would have been a young 58-years-old on Monday.

The prizes are: P30,000 for the First Prize, P25, 000 for the Second Prize, and P20,000 fo0r third Prize. Five thousand pesos will each be given to five consolation prizes. Submission of entries and announcement of winners will be on October 10. Prizes will be handed during that day’s NPC

Read the entire article here

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