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video blog+coverage : Spectrum and Gary Mayoralgo interview

There are times that we discover new abilities and mutant powers in ourself, and this exhibit held in Glorietta shows a big proof that our friend Gary Mayoralgo and other new artist are coming out to showcase their art and to let everyone know that they are ready to sit along with the industry.

more photos, stories and vide below after the jump

CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING video blog+coverage : Spectrum: Distinct + Diverse Exhibit @ Glorietta


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Komiks from the heart – Inquirer.net

First posted 00:23:35 (Mla time) April 06, 2008
Marlet D. Salazar
Philippine Daily Inquirer
MANILA, Philippines—Comic books and magazines may be huge commercial successes overseas, but in the Philippines, the komiks trade has yet to keep up with the pace.

One man is determined to turn the situation around with his passion, love and deep concern for Pinoy komiks.

As part of writer and illustrator Gilbert Monsanto’s efforts to try to infuse new life into the local comic book industry, he published “Rambol” and “Tropa” two years ago under his own Sacred Mountain (the English translation of his surname) Publications.

“Every issue of a comic book has an underlying message,” Monsanto explained. “For the first issue of ‘Rambol,’ I wanted people to realize that it is possible to come up with quality comic books because we have the talent, ability and will to make things happen.”

“Tropa,” which tells the story of a gang of childhood friends endowed with superpowers, is a collaboration among Monsanto and several other artists. The five characters, according to Monsanto, were drawn by five different illustrators. “The message here, obviously, is that we can come together as one,” he said.

“Rambol,” on the other hand, is a mixed bag in a flip book format. “It has two covers and two stories, ‘Metropolitan,’ and ‘Alagad’,” explained the artist who was once art director of the locally published Mango Comics’ revival of Darna, the Pinoy’s own Wonder Woman. “I want to show how good Filipino artists and writers are.”

To make the comics affordable—and more important, accessible to everyone—he opted to have black and white pages preceded by full-color frames.

read the full article at

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Komiks: Ready for a comeback? – Vic Poblete article in Manila Bulletin

image courtesy of Mr. Randy Valiente

article written by: Therese J. Camet, for Manila Bulletin

If kilometric literary pieces bore the heck out of the students, perhaps comics can do the trick to get them back into the reading habit.

After all, reading was nearly everybody’s favorite pastime back in the days when life was still simple and not yet dictated by modern technology.

A forgotten reading material that kept people entertained and occupied during their dull moments, Filipino komiks were once again introduced to the students of De La Salle University Dasmariñas when the school mounted a two-week comic exhibit.

Dubbed “Buhay Komiks,” the exhibit mounted at the school’s library featured the works of Pinoy komiks legend Vic Poblete.

One of his best works was the “Devil Car,” which won as the Best Fantasy Novel in KOMOPEB Awards in 1985.
read more of the article at http://www.mb.com.ph/issues/2008/04/02/20080402120774.html Continue reading

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Taga-ilog interview Part 2

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hehee..the part 2 video interview is here!


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Comics 2 film interviews Gerry Alanguilan (Elmer comics)

just saw this in my inbox, and yes! I wanna see Elmer in live action movie with CGI Chickens!!!

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ELEVATOR (E): Describe ‘Elmer’ in two sentences or less.

Gerry Alanguilan (GA): Elmer is a comic book that speculates what it would be like if chickens had suddenly gained the intelligence and consciousness of humans and are now demanding rights due to them as the newest members of the human race. It is the story of a family of chickens who struggle to survive in a suddenly complicated, dangerous and yet beautiful world.

E: If you were to compare ‘Elmer’ to a movie or TV show what would it be?

GA: It’s like ‘Schindler’s List‘ meets ‘Babe‘.

Read more here at http://www.comics2film.com/index.php?a=story&b=32073

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Harvey Tolibao: Promdi artist destined for the stars

altough that the this news is from last year, I just like to share this great interview feature on Harvey.

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Harvey Tolibao always knew his life was destined for the stars.

True enough, this 26-year-old proud ‘probinsyano’ artist from Mindanao is the force behind the Star Wars comic book series, inking three issues of the phenomenal George Lucas creation since 2006.

His work has been praised in the mainstream comics industry and is now among the growing Pinoy force in the US comics.

“Ang mga dayuhan ay hanga talaga sa mga Pinoy (Foreigners are awed by Filipinos),” Harvey told GMANews.TV.

“From boxing to billiards mayroon talaga palagi ma-i-prove ang mga Pinoy. Pero sa pagiging artist humanga din sila dahil bihira lang ang nakakapasok sa comics industry (From boxing to billiards, Filipinos have already proven something. But as artists, they become more impressed since it’s not very common for Filipinos to break into the comics industry),” he added.

Since being featured in QTV-11’s Review Philippines, Harvey has been receiving a lot of attention as one of the new breed of mainstream comic illustrators which used to be an elusive dream for many aspiring Filipinos and Asians in general before the 1970s.

“Because of the skill and talent we have shown abroad, I am always proud of waving our flag and saying, Pinoy Ako!” he beamed.

Despite being known for his work on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (issue 12), Harvey’s pride and glory is the fact that he was able send his two sisters through college. He is also taking care of his younger brother’s education at the Far Eastern University of the Philippines, taking up Fine Arts, majoring in Advertising.

Currently, Harvey has been very busy working on other comic book projects; in fact, he just squeezed the little time left for himself for this interview.

“It’s really important for me to follow through with the deadlines otherwise I might just wake up next day without the job,” he jokingly said.

Read more here at  http://www.gmanews.tv/story/69310/Harvey-Tolibao-Promdi-artist-destined-for-the-stars

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Kubori Kikiam interviews Taga-ilog

here’s a close up interview with comic creator Taga-ilog.

watch the video here

hehhehe. Taga-ilog is a chick !!!!!!

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Fil-Canadian J.TORRES’ new project – “THE FAMILY DYNAMIC”

just saw Budj’s twitter post today and I’m sharing you this international comics news about Fil-Canadian J.TORRES’ new comics project.

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As we mentioned in our coverage on Saturday from DC’s RRP meeting, J. Torres will launch a new six issue miniseries in June titled The Family Dynamic. In this case, the title’s a pretty accurate descriptor – Torres’ Family Dynamic is just that – a family of super-heroes.

We spoke with Torres to find out more about the miniseries.

Newsarama: J., let’s start on the ground floor. What is The Family Dynamic in your words?

J. Torres: Well, the first thing I should say is that while Dan announced it at RRP this weekend at the same time as DCU #0, Trinity, etc. no, Family Dynamic isn’t part of those “big events.” It’s a “big event” in my life, and I’m thankful for the attention and exposure it’s getting because of this weekend’s other DC announcements, but sorry no, it’s not about the Marvel Family as some fans have speculated and even e-mailed me about. I want to thank Dan for including us in all of those exciting announcements and I hope retailers and fans are taking note. I like to see our inclusion in all of that as a certain show of confidence in the project and that Dan’s telling everyone to buy this book. Look, they even priced DCU #0 at fifty cents so you’d all have money left over to buy Family Dynamic #1. [laughs]

That said, Family Dynamic is a six-issue miniseries I’m working on with Tim Levins (penciller), Dan Davis (inker), Dave McCaig (colorist), and Adam Schlagman (editor). It’s quite a “big event” for me because it’s my first creator owned book at DC, plus it’s a “reunion project” for me and Tim as we started out in comics together many years ago on a comic called Copybook Tales. Back then we were a couple of college students trying to break into the industry with a minicomic about comic book wannabes, and now we’re both married with a kid each and working together on a miniseries about a superhero family. It comes full circle rather nicely…

Read more here in Newsarama

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Inquirer: Filipino comic book artists help shape mythologies

I’m sharing an article here about our local comic artists. you may click the source link below to read the article at Inquirer.net ‘s Republic of Comics.

Source: Read more here

By Oliver Pulumbarit
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Last updated 17:05:00 01/21/2008

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MANILA, Philippines—Behind some of the popular comics currently being released internationally are Filipino artists, delighting geeks of all ages with their distinct takes on different heroes—from those in form-fitting battlesuits to those in Jedi robes—and their traditionally frenetic fisticuffs.

Pinoy pencilers and inkers started getting attention for their work abroad decades back. Some comics pros, like Whilce Portacio, Leinil Francis Yu and Jay Anacleto, became sought-after talents in the ’90s. They continue to draw for major American publishers such as Marvel and DC Comics.

Not long after, other Philippines-based pencilers—Glass House Graphics’ Wilson Tortosa, Carlo Pagulayan, and Harvey Tolibao, among others—debuted and began making waves with a number of noteworthy monthlies as well. Once again,fellow Pinoys’ artistry and storytelling skills enhance some previously established fantasy realms.

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1997: The Dynamic Duo – Yu and Tadeo

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Head over to Edgar Tadeo’s blog and you’ll see a scanned copy of The Cutting Edge Magazine back in 1997. There’s an interview with Leinil Yu and Edgar Tadeo. It’s one of the earliest photo of them during that time. And during my time back then, I didn’t know that they are Filipino. Been collecting the whole Onslaught saga up to the Operation Zero Tolerance, there its my earliest exposure to see their works. Wolverine comics is one of the series they both worked on, and when me and my comic buddies meet, we got a big debate on if they are Pinoys or not.  Then in my friend’s comic shop he showed me a Wolverine sketch by Tadeo, then I hang it in our store and place lots of comic artworks there. Thats in Recto, our little comic shop. Then when the Avalon studio comic book signing was in Robinsons Galeria, thats the time when I met them personally and let my comicbooks signed by them hehhehe. Didn’t caught what Edgar Tadeo looks like, but i remember Leinil Yu having a long hair look. damn! I lined up two times when I heard that female hip hop rapper “Chill” was there in the signing.  Got home with my Wolverine comics signed by Yu and Tadeo,  Stone comics signed by Whilce and Gerry, Spawn comics signed by Brian Haberlin ehand a personalize sketch art and message by “Chill” that every event attendees got jealous over me. hehheehe.. thats one adventure of me as comic fan.

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Sputnik Comics Shop opens in Cubao X

Previously in Komiks News Now

We went to the opening of a new comic store in the middle of the busy area of Cubao last month, and we are happy and yes, super happy to know that it is really a shop for comics! Video below is an interview and feature of the Sputnik Comics Shop, we didn’t know why it is named after that satellite, but for us it is more faster than a speeding rocketship.

Ramon De Veyra, store owner of Sputnik. Just told me that they are open for selling indie comics titles, so if you have your own comics and wants to get more readership, drop them a note at http://sputnikcomics.multiply.com/

Store opens at 4pm to 8pm, Tuesday to Sunday
located at Cubao Shoe Expo ( or Cubao X, yung malapit sa dating COD)

Video contains
-the launching event
-interview with the shop owner of Sputnik Comics Shop, Ramon De Veyra
-Leinil Yu perfoms with his band, Marty Mcfly
-Quark Henares host the raffle contest

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photo event coverage album at Sputniks Comics shop launching event at Cubao Shoe Expo

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Interview with Eugene Villar of Blogenyo (web comics blog)

Eugene Villar, blogger and comic creator of Blogenyo ( http://blogenyo.codedgraphic.com/ ) is featured here for a video interview. I met him at the Bloggers meet up last Friday and I was happy to meet him in person. His blog and web comics is about the Philippine blogging community behavior and funny side which reflects from us (bloggers) and web addicts.
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Eugene Villar, on the hot seat


also Blogenyo is featured also at the www.komiks.ph website

The video interview was streamed live last friday and this is the recorded version.

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