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Wilson Tortosa’s Wolverine Manga


Wolverine Manga under Del Rey Manga will be available in the Philippines in the next coming weeks, I also heard from Wilson Tortosa from the Alamat mailing list that there’s a book signing event on plan with Comic Odyssey, will post the details of the book signing event of Wolverine Manga after we receive info from Sandy of  Comic Odyssey.

As I remember, Wilson is working on this manga since last year around May 2009. And glad that they manga will be released here in our local comic stores.

more info about the manga at http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=20750


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Jay Anacleto comics signing at Comic Oddysey on Dec 6, 2008


I just got an info about a comic book signing from Gerry Alanguilan via email.

here are some details

Jay Anacleto will be on hand to sign copies of Marvels 2 at Comic
Odyssey, Robinson’s Galleria this December 6 from 2-4pm. (I’m told he
won’t be sketching.)

Ok, now I’m reserving that date!
( read more below to know more about the event)

Click here to continue reading.

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SOLD OUT! – McFarlane-Portacio Spawn comics

“SPAWN #185’s all-new direction completely sells out!”

Press Release

30 October 2008 (Berkeley, CA) – The comic book event of the season started off with a bang as SPAWN’s new direction, courtesy of Image Founders Todd McFarlane & Whilce Portacio, resulted in an immediate distribution-level sell-out!

“Obviously it’s good news to have the initial issue sell out so quickly, but now the bigger task is to continue that momentum in the issues going forward,” Spawn creator Todd McFarlane said. “As a reminder, the first few issues will be a lot of setup before we kick this into high gear.  Each issue isn’t meant to be its own stand-alone book.”

read more here at http://www.newsarama.com/comics/081030-mcfarlane-portacio-spawn.html

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Kriss Sison won the bronze award at 2nd International Manga Awards

Filipino comic artist Kriss Sison had just won the bronze award for the annual International Manga Awards.

read more below on some of the great news! congratulations Kriss

The Second International MANGA Award had 368 entries from 46 countries and regions, which was 222 more entries and 22 more countries and regions from the First International MANGA Award.

He was one of the 12 finalists and the only Filipino among the prestigious list. His work on Ninja Girl Ko! won him the award.

We’d like to thank all his fans for all their continued support!

We salute you Kriss!

–From the Manga Kami! Studios family – from Neurowing

My incomparable partner-in-ninja-crime, Kriss Sison, just took home a nice little souvenir from Japan. His work on Ninja Girl KO! won for him the Bronze Award at the 2nd International Manga Awards. The Second International MANGA Award had 368 entries from 46 countries and regions, which was 222 more entries and 22 more countries and regions from the First International MANGA Award. – from Marco

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Christian Voltar Alcala meets Stan Lee

Written by azrael on 3:05 AM Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Christian Voltar Alcala, son of the late Filipino master comics illustrator Alfredo Alcala, is here having a big meeting with the legendary Stan Lee, co-creator and writer of famous comic books such as Captain America, Spider-Man Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk and the X-Men.

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By: Christian Voltar Alcala

Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA

On May 4, 2008, my mom along with my wife and I drove from Vallejo to Los Angeles to attend a comic book convention where Stan Lee is a special guest.

It was a great experience meeting the legendary Stan Lee and my heart leaped with gladness upon having the honor of meeting this great man with such splendor and strength.

Here is Stan Lee’s reminiscence on my dad’s artworks, as I carry on the torch of my father’s legacy:

“Dear Christian,

I am highly honored that you would want me to write a few words about your father’s wonderful artwork– and about yours.

Rarely does a son manage to carry on a glorious tradition as splendidly as you have carried on your father’s.

I remember Alfredo’s illustrations well. They were almost poetic in their beauty. He was indeed a master illustrator who put so much of himself and his imagination in every drawing. We at Marvel are proud to have worked with such a gifted artist and such a true gentleman.

I wish you every success as you so capably follow in his fabled footsteps.

Stan Lee

”I respect this noble and righteous man for his achievements, as much as I love and respected my father. He is true to his word, the qualities of a great knight in shining armor which shines with honor throughout the entire Kingdom of Camelot.

In 2006, Roy Thomas and Stan Lee had a project on Marvel and it was an honor when Roy and Stan acknowledged me their book-“Stan Lee’s Amazing Marvel Universe”.

I shall always treasure this book as I have treasured my father’s legacy.


© 2008 Christian Voltar Alcala

Christian Voltar Alcala
The Alcala Legacy
cell: (415) 902-8218
email: christianvolt76@yahoo.com

more photos below after the link

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CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING Christian Voltar Alcala meets Stan Lee

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Carlo Pagulayan is back in the Planet Hulk

this is one great news! I was with Carlo Pagulayan last saturday at the arts fest and forgot to ask some news about comics and his works. but this new update makes me tickle and get excited as they are back in Planet Skaar. read more below

The Planet Hulk Team Reunites To Explore Skaar’s Past!

He is the son of the jade giant and he is destined to smash-he is Skaar,
Son of Hulk!! His name is Skaar and on a war-torn alien planet he has
many tales to share in this one-shot special, Skaar: Son of Hulk
Presents: Savage World of Sakaar, reuniting the Planet Hulk creative
team! Join critically acclaimed writer, Greg Pak, along with
fan-favorite artists Carlo Pagulayan, Timothy Green & Gabriel Hardman,
as they share new and untold tales from the savage world of Sakaar!
After Skaar joined forced with the beautiful and deadly Princess Omaka,
they make their way towards Prophet Rock. Frightened refugees tell
startling stories of limitless power that could very well affect the
planet Sakaar! Prepare for revelations galore for some old and new
faces as Skaar finds out more about himself. And maybe, even, a
particular green goliath might make an appearance!

How did Skaar grow up to be the warrior he is today? How exactly do his
powers work? What is the origin of Princess Omaka? Find out the
answers to these questions and more in Skaar: Son of Hulk Presents:
Savage World of Sakaar!


Written by GREG PAK



Parental Advisory …$3.99

FOC-9/04/08, On-Sale-9/24/08

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How not to be the next Neil Gaiman

Just got this article from Cytnhia Bauzon-Arre..

source: http://www.manilatimes.net/national/2008/july/11/yehey/life/20080711lif1.html

Friday, July 11, 2008

How not to be the next Neil Gaiman

Win his Graphic/Fiction Awards by being truly ‘Pinoy’

By Rome Jorge, Lifestyle Editor

You can thank Arnold Arre, The Manila Times’ own resident graphic novelist and winner of the Manila Critics Circle and National Book Awards, for cluing in Neil Gaiman on the abundance of artistic talent in the Philippines and on the rich treasure trove of primordial myths and contemporary urban legends. The novelist, comic book author and movie scriptwriter famous for The Sandman, Stardust, Beowulf and American Gods, has gone so far as to establish and fund The Graphic/Fiction Awards, now on its third year with over P400,000 in cash with P100,000 to the first place winner and a publication deal with international distribution up for grabs. This is something Gaiman does only for the Philippines and nowhere else.

It all started on the author’s first visit to the country. “He [Gaiman] got a lot of gifts. Every person who met him gave him things—everything from books to Choc-nut. A lot of the stuff he couldn’t bring. One of the things he took with him was a book on Filipino mythology and one of Arnold’s works. He was very impressed with Arnold. He was particularly interested in what Arnold Arre was doing,” recalls Erwin Romulo, Rogue Magazine features editor, science fiction and comic book aficionado and chairman for the awards. Arre’s graphic novels combined compelling narratives that were truly Filipino and a visual style that was truly his own.

Gaiman wanted more of such originality and thought of establishing an award to encourage it. “Don’t worry, I’ll put up the money,” Romulo recalls Gaiman saying. He adds, “He’s still funding it.” In 2006 the first Graphic/Fiction Awards were held.

Arre was enlisted to become one of the judges for the awards, along with the most notable names in Filipino fantasy: Novelist Greg Brilliantes who pioneered Pinoy science fiction with Apollo Centennial, legendary filmmaker Peque Gallaga as well as playwright and spiritualist Tony Perez and Fully Booked’s Jaime Daez.

Tals Diaz, journalist and marketing manager of Fully Booked, explains the rationale for the awards: “Neil’s theme is Filipino unrealism. It has to have that unique sense of Filipino-ness about it. We do have a rich tradition of Filipino mythology and folklore that we hardly explore in our literature. If you look at our literature right now, a lot of it is very realistic. That’s what Neil Gaiman wanted us to veer away from with this contest.” Romulo adds, “Don’t say that he doesn’t like the stuff that he got from here—the realist novels that he read, he liked. He just wanted to explore if we had other things. As for fantasy, he thought we could go beyond juvenile literature and explore what he thinks is an integral part of our culture—science fiction, horror or speculative fiction. It really is how you weave the genre into Filipino heritage.”

This year’s movie blockbuster

It’s only natural that film now joins comic books and prose as among the awards’ categories on its third year. Cinema is the art form closest to comic books. Every film is developed on storyboards that greatly resemble comic book frames. And as the box office successes of Batman, 300 and Sin City have shown, comics are a rich source of compelling narratives suited for film. Organizers concede that they are open to adding new categories such as online interactive comic books in the future.

Today, the competition attracts a deluge of entries, from first timers to published authors. But some have been doing it all wrong.

How not to win

“One thing we can tell you not to do is mimic a Gaiman story. We get a lot of entries that are just versions of Neil’s stories with Filipino names in it,” says Diaz.

Many have made the mistake of hewing the clichés of science fiction, epic fantasy or supernatural genres. Romulo says, “The worst ones are those with a very narrow view of what science fiction or speculative fiction represents—the wizards and the dwarves, the shades and the trench coats of the Matrix guys, the twist endings and the angst-ridden urban alienation stories. Some have a lot of the style but no substance. We need to establish a serious literary award. Not just fan fiction or a geek boy thing.” He observes, “The ones that managed to win brought something really Pinoy.”

Being unfamiliar with the conventions of each genre is an asset. “The story I wrote for the first Graphic Fiction Award was my first short story. I didn’t know how to go about it. I didn’t read fantasy. I didn’t write fantasy. I explored the genre through the competition,” reveals Mikaela Atienza, runner up of the Graphic Fiction Awards for her work entitled “Atha.”

The competition is now open to all Filipino citizens, who may send their original entries in the categories of short story fiction, comics, and short film to any Fully Booked branch.

Deadline of submission is September 30, 2008. For details, visit http://www.fullybookedonline.com.

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Todd McFarlane and Brian Holguin return to the pages of ‘Spawn’ with artist and Image founder Whilce Portacio

//images.popazrael.multiply.com/image/2/photos/406/500x500/2/More%20family%20pics.JPG?et=T7qM9x18W1qWjPNo9TV%2BDg&nmid=100822857” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

got this info and pic from Whilce

Spawn gets a massive makeover in October when a brand new creative team dons the suit come issue #185—a creative team consisting of writer Brian Holguin, Image founder Whilce Portacio and Spawn creator himself, Todd McFarlane.

“We’ve just been talking with everybody involved about what we can do to see if we can inspire the readers,” McFarlane said. “One of them was to just take the book in a different direction in terms of the storyline, and then the other one was maybe take it in a bit of a different direction artistically, too.”
[EXCLUSIVE!] McFARLANE REUNITES WITH ‘SPAWN’Image founder Whilce Portacio (Wetworks) gets behind the wheel to drive the book in that new artistic direction with McFarlane riding shotgun as creative director. The pair work in conjunction with one another—McFarlane often describes the scenes and Portacio pencils in his own twists and turns.

“Having Todd by my side is fantastic because he gives me all the texture he’s been trying to place in his stories,” said Portacio. “As the artist, I get to say, ‘Okay, let me grab all of this stuff that’s oozing out of your head and let me see if I could make it visually pleasing.’ For me, that’s the most fun part.”

read more at http://www.wizarduniverse.com/060608spawnannouncement.html

More pics Here!

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a super-team from the Philippines is introduced called the Triumph Division

from Reno’s blog

In the latest issue of Invincible Iron Man (#2, to be exact), a super-team from the Philippines is introduced called the Triumph Division…

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The fun is just beginning…

Haverhill, MA, May 29, 2008 – Who says you can never go home again? Professor Mystik, that’s who!

Bounding off the character’s return after a long absence in issue #1, issue #2 continues to turn things upside down for the Fist of Justice. And when an unexpected visitor shows up needing help, he, also known as Marc Mason, finds himself in the thick of it all again.

Scripted by promising writer Mike Imboden, with stunning art by Eduardo Savid, Ric Milk, John Wycough, and Stacie Ponder, Fist of Justice takes comic book superheroes back to their roots, yet maintains its modern charm.

Continue reading

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news from Marvel : Triumph Division: Pinoy Super Team???

thanks to Budjette Tan of Alamat ML for this breaking news..-

teka…sa Manila, Philippines ba??? or baka ibang Manila yan.


Q: Do other countries have their own super-hero teams?

Joe Quesada: Chris, of course other countries have
super heroes. We’ve seen some of the other heroes and
teams that are active worldwide, including Alpha/Omega
Flight in Canada, the Winter Guard in Russia, MI:13 in
the UK (along with the more covert ClanDestine), and
Big Hero 6 in Japan. INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #2 introduces
the Triumph Division, the super-team of Manila, in
just a few short weeks. And S.H.I.E.L.D. is an
international organization, so they operate on a
global scale, though they’re mostly funded and staffed
at the executive level by Americans.

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The all-British graphic novel Henry V, has been awarded a Silver Medal at the 2008 Independent Publishers Awards (the “IPPYs”) in America.

This year’s contest attracted a total of 3,175 entries and saw the Original Text Henry V, which was released in November 2007, win runner-up in the Graphic Novel/Drawn Book- Drama/Documentary category.

“The quality of this year’s entries has been totally amazing” – Independent Publisher

Chairman of Classical Comics, Clive Bryant said, “We are absolutely delighted to win this award with our first book. To see this dream become a reality, and then to gain recognition for our books has been a truly emotional experience. In fact, we’ve had such a positive response to both Henry V and Macbeth that we’ve increased the number of titles in production”.

Classical Comics’ pioneering multiple text versions of well-loved literature have proven to be a success around the globe, particularly with students and teachers, who welcome this vibrant, colourful way of introducing the classics.

Two further adaptations, Frankenstein and Jane Eyre, are due to be published in September this year; with another five titles being released between October 2008 and January 2009.http://www.classicalcomics.com

IPPY Award ceremony May 30th during Book Expo America, LA

Classical Comics are new UK publishers who are creating engaging versions of literary classics, by converting the timeless stories into stunning, full colour graphic novels.

Spearheaded by Clive Bryant, Chairman, following his successful exit from a business start-up, he was joined by Karen Wenborn as Managing Director in May 2007. The core team was cemented when Jo Wheeler became Creative Director soon afterwards.

To quote Clive ‘Neither Karen or I have a publishing background, but we’re both strong businesspeople, and are probably overly enthusiastic about books, literacy and education. Jo comes from a print background, so we rely on her to make sure the end product is right.’

As well as meeting the criteria of being strong in colour, dynamic in action, vibrant, engaging and exciting, the books have a myriad of applications in education across all ages and skill levels.

The team of scriptwriters include teachers, playwrights and novelists, while the artists range from newspaper stalwarts to Spiderman creators and Eagle award winners.

“I’m fascinated by your approach to the play and its language. I find them gripping, dramatic and, although for me the original Shakespeare is always my reason for turning to these plays, I think that what you are doing in illuminating and making perhaps more lucid, especially for young people, is clever and meaningful.”

– Patrick Stewart, Actor

“This is a fun way of getting into the stories. Plays are not meant to be read but to be seen. The illustrations in these books are an easy way of following what is going on.
The genius of Shakespeare is in the language but for some students understanding it can be a struggle. It will be useful for teachers to have three different versions of the text.”

– Ian McNeilly, director of the National Association for the Teaching of English

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