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Wilson Tortosa’s Wolverine Manga


Wolverine Manga under Del Rey Manga will be available in the Philippines in the next coming weeks, I also heard from Wilson Tortosa from the Alamat mailing list that there’s a book signing event on plan with Comic Odyssey, will post the details of the book signing event of Wolverine Manga after we receive info from Sandy of  Comic Odyssey.

As I remember, Wilson is working on this manga since last year around May 2009. And glad that they manga will be released here in our local comic stores.

more info about the manga at http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=20750


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Start: Oct 28, ’08
End: Nov 14, ’08
Location: 4th level, Shangri-la Plaza Mall


Children’s illustrators group Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan’s (Ang I.N.K) 17th annual exhibition titled “Tsubibo” runs until Nov. 14 at the 4th level Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.

“Tsubibo,” explores one of the most popular attractions for children and children at heart: the carnival, in a showcase of over 30 works from Ang I.N.K. members using digital art, paper sculpture, drawing, painting and mixed media.

Ang I.N.K. treats its audience to the sights and sounds of the carnival as “Tsubibo” presents the carnival’s wild and wacky cast of characters, and delves into the thrills and chills of rides, arcade games, and other sideshow attractions.

Founded in 1991, Ang I.N.K.’s roster includes full-time freelance illustrators, graphic designers, painters, writer-illustrators, visual arts teachers and students, and artists working in publishing companies, design-related firms and advertising agencies. Apart from children’s books, Ang I.N.K. members or “INKies” continue to produce workbooks, textbooks, murals, animated features, product designs and merchandising, both individually and as a group. Several INKies are recipients of local and international awards and continue to make names for themselves both here and abroad.

Presented by Adarna House, OMF Literature, Summit Media, and Oishi, “Tsubibo” moves to the UP College of Fine Arts Art Bazaar on November 15 for a 1-day exhibition.

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Kriss Sison won the bronze award at 2nd International Manga Awards

Filipino comic artist Kriss Sison had just won the bronze award for the annual International Manga Awards.

read more below on some of the great news! congratulations Kriss

The Second International MANGA Award had 368 entries from 46 countries and regions, which was 222 more entries and 22 more countries and regions from the First International MANGA Award.

He was one of the 12 finalists and the only Filipino among the prestigious list. His work on Ninja Girl Ko! won him the award.

We’d like to thank all his fans for all their continued support!

We salute you Kriss!

–From the Manga Kami! Studios family – from Neurowing

My incomparable partner-in-ninja-crime, Kriss Sison, just took home a nice little souvenir from Japan. His work on Ninja Girl KO! won for him the Bronze Award at the 2nd International Manga Awards. The Second International MANGA Award had 368 entries from 46 countries and regions, which was 222 more entries and 22 more countries and regions from the First International MANGA Award. – from Marco

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Christian Voltar Alcala meets Stan Lee

Written by azrael on 3:05 AM Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Christian Voltar Alcala, son of the late Filipino master comics illustrator Alfredo Alcala, is here having a big meeting with the legendary Stan Lee, co-creator and writer of famous comic books such as Captain America, Spider-Man Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk and the X-Men.

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By: Christian Voltar Alcala

Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA

On May 4, 2008, my mom along with my wife and I drove from Vallejo to Los Angeles to attend a comic book convention where Stan Lee is a special guest.

It was a great experience meeting the legendary Stan Lee and my heart leaped with gladness upon having the honor of meeting this great man with such splendor and strength.

Here is Stan Lee’s reminiscence on my dad’s artworks, as I carry on the torch of my father’s legacy:

“Dear Christian,

I am highly honored that you would want me to write a few words about your father’s wonderful artwork– and about yours.

Rarely does a son manage to carry on a glorious tradition as splendidly as you have carried on your father’s.

I remember Alfredo’s illustrations well. They were almost poetic in their beauty. He was indeed a master illustrator who put so much of himself and his imagination in every drawing. We at Marvel are proud to have worked with such a gifted artist and such a true gentleman.

I wish you every success as you so capably follow in his fabled footsteps.

Stan Lee

”I respect this noble and righteous man for his achievements, as much as I love and respected my father. He is true to his word, the qualities of a great knight in shining armor which shines with honor throughout the entire Kingdom of Camelot.

In 2006, Roy Thomas and Stan Lee had a project on Marvel and it was an honor when Roy and Stan acknowledged me their book-“Stan Lee’s Amazing Marvel Universe”.

I shall always treasure this book as I have treasured my father’s legacy.


© 2008 Christian Voltar Alcala

Christian Voltar Alcala
The Alcala Legacy
cell: (415) 902-8218
email: christianvolt76@yahoo.com

more photos below after the link

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CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING Christian Voltar Alcala meets Stan Lee

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Pedriña and his Kapampangan Comic Book Superheroes

great to see Ner Pedrina being featured

you can read more about the comic artist and his works here in The Prodigal Kamaru at http://kamaru.blogspot.com/2008/09/pedria-and-his-kapampangan-comic-book.html

Kabalen Superheroes in Pinoy Comics

Although now based in Manila and working for Tagalog/English comics, Kapampangan elements have not failed to disappear from Pedriña’s consciousness, as in his collection of original Pinoy superheroes titled Sanduguan (blood compact), most of the lead protagonists are Kapampangan.
“Most of what we have [in comics] are Tagalogs and Americans,” Pedriña explains. “I want diversity so I make characters from Mindanao, Kalinga, Bohol, Ilocos, Laguna, etc. but a lot of my characters are Kapampangan.”

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Carlo Pagulayan is back in the Planet Hulk

this is one great news! I was with Carlo Pagulayan last saturday at the arts fest and forgot to ask some news about comics and his works. but this new update makes me tickle and get excited as they are back in Planet Skaar. read more below

The Planet Hulk Team Reunites To Explore Skaar’s Past!

He is the son of the jade giant and he is destined to smash-he is Skaar,
Son of Hulk!! His name is Skaar and on a war-torn alien planet he has
many tales to share in this one-shot special, Skaar: Son of Hulk
Presents: Savage World of Sakaar, reuniting the Planet Hulk creative
team! Join critically acclaimed writer, Greg Pak, along with
fan-favorite artists Carlo Pagulayan, Timothy Green & Gabriel Hardman,
as they share new and untold tales from the savage world of Sakaar!
After Skaar joined forced with the beautiful and deadly Princess Omaka,
they make their way towards Prophet Rock. Frightened refugees tell
startling stories of limitless power that could very well affect the
planet Sakaar! Prepare for revelations galore for some old and new
faces as Skaar finds out more about himself. And maybe, even, a
particular green goliath might make an appearance!

How did Skaar grow up to be the warrior he is today? How exactly do his
powers work? What is the origin of Princess Omaka? Find out the
answers to these questions and more in Skaar: Son of Hulk Presents:
Savage World of Sakaar!


Written by GREG PAK



Parental Advisory …$3.99

FOC-9/04/08, On-Sale-9/24/08

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The Saturday Group 40th Anniversary Show-Homage to MALANG

Start: Jun 28, ’08 6:00p
Location: Art Center SM Megamall, Bldg A, 4th floor.

The Saturday Group members takes inspiration from Malang’s works and interprets them in their own individual styles. Borrowing his favorite subjects, colors and style, members of the group explores the various possibilities that they can conjure while retaining their own artistic style.

posted and from : http://budsconvo.multiply.com/calendar/item/10018/The_Saturday_Group_40th_Anniversary_Show-Homage_to_MALANG

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Carlo Pagulayan and Stephen Segovia @ Building Comic Book Character(s) – Inquirer.net

After drawing a variety of X-related titles (“Emma Frost” and “X-Men Unlimited” among them) and the all-ages “Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four,” Pagulayan landed the penciling slot in one of Marvel’s iconic titles, “The Incredible Hulk.” He was psyched to be with the not-so-jolly green giant: “Overjoyed and overwhelmed and still in disbelief,” he describes his reaction. “It’s something my friends and I grew up reading and now I’m part of the story creation.” Then it got better. Pagulayan was on board when series writer Greg Pak took the Hulk literally out of this world with the gladiator-themed Planet Hulk story arc, garnering readers and accolades.

Segovia cut his teeth on local comic books then moved on to international assignments such as Image Comics’ “Tokyo Knights.” His big break happened when he landed one of the penciling roles in the supernatural DC Comics title “Countdown to Mystery.” He got the coveted gig after submitting his portfolio to DC’s editors and was surprised to get a call just a week later. “It’s a dream come true,” he admits. “It’s just like I won in a lottery.” Now he lands yet another top shelf assignment as he dispenses art for the series “Wolverine: Origins,” which stars Marvel’s favorite claw-equipped mutant.

read more here at http://globalnation.inquirer.net/features/features/view/20080625-144663/Building-Comic-Book-Characters

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Todd McFarlane and Brian Holguin return to the pages of ‘Spawn’ with artist and Image founder Whilce Portacio

//images.popazrael.multiply.com/image/2/photos/406/500x500/2/More%20family%20pics.JPG?et=T7qM9x18W1qWjPNo9TV%2BDg&nmid=100822857” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

got this info and pic from Whilce

Spawn gets a massive makeover in October when a brand new creative team dons the suit come issue #185—a creative team consisting of writer Brian Holguin, Image founder Whilce Portacio and Spawn creator himself, Todd McFarlane.

“We’ve just been talking with everybody involved about what we can do to see if we can inspire the readers,” McFarlane said. “One of them was to just take the book in a different direction in terms of the storyline, and then the other one was maybe take it in a bit of a different direction artistically, too.”
[EXCLUSIVE!] McFARLANE REUNITES WITH ‘SPAWN’Image founder Whilce Portacio (Wetworks) gets behind the wheel to drive the book in that new artistic direction with McFarlane riding shotgun as creative director. The pair work in conjunction with one another—McFarlane often describes the scenes and Portacio pencils in his own twists and turns.

“Having Todd by my side is fantastic because he gives me all the texture he’s been trying to place in his stories,” said Portacio. “As the artist, I get to say, ‘Okay, let me grab all of this stuff that’s oozing out of your head and let me see if I could make it visually pleasing.’ For me, that’s the most fun part.”

read more at http://www.wizarduniverse.com/060608spawnannouncement.html

More pics Here!

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Biopinoys features Larry Alcala

Lauro Zarate Alcala (b. August 18, 1926 – d. 2002), also known as Larry Alcala, was a well-known editorial cartoonist and illustrator in the Philippines.


He was born on August 18, 1926 to Ernesto Alcala and Elpidia Zarate in Daraga, Albay. Through a scholarship from Manila Times granted by the publisher Ramón Roces, he obtained a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting at the University of the Philippines (UP) in 1950. He became a professor at the same university from 1951 to 1981. He also received the Australian Cultural Award accompanied by a travel study grant in 1975.

Read more here

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Filipino in Dubai won special award for a comics project at Ideas Arabia 2008 for Health & Safety Category

Ronald Vibal sent this info in my email and he want to share this winning glory to everyone. Thanks Ronald! and Congratulations to Manuel.

I am forwarding you to share the triumph of one Filipino in Dubai, a member of our PSSP Group (Phil. Society of Safety Professionals) in United Arab Emirates.
As we are proud of his achievement in the recent IDEAS.ARABIA 2008 organised by Dubai Quality Group, a prestigious award given every year for brightest ideas suggested by employees from any UAE establishment, I felt that he deserves to be featured in your pages or website.
The awardee, Mr. Manuel (Mike) Perito, 37 yo. Civil Engineer alumni of TIP-Manila, a true-blue Samareno, is bonafide and active member of PSSP organisation in UAE. He has been with Oman Insurance Company for more than 3 years working as Risk Engineer who deals with loss control and risk management for property insurance clients carrying out his job by spreading safety and risk control awareness through information dissemination and innovated it by using the KOMIKS way. I used to know him dabbing as a Komiks writer and illustrator while working as risk surveyor for Malayan Insurance back in the Philippines so I was not surprised when he injected comics in his technical job. His creativity was first noted when his employer, Oman Insurance Co. awarded him an appreciation trophy for his creative project called ‘Super Oman’ technical-info comics.
And last April 22, 2008, he was finally recognized for his creative project SUPER OMAN as Dubai Quality Group named him one of the winners in IDEAS.ARABIA 2008 held in Mina Salam Hotel at Madinat Jumeirah. To validate this claim, you can click this link http://www.dqg.org/dqg/admin/data/File/Subgroups/IA%202008/Presentations/Winners.pdf
Or you can visit the website for Dubai Quality Group (http://www.dqg.org) and click on the Subgroups then Ideas Arabia subgroup.
Best Regards.
Ronaldo Vibario
Safety Officer
Dubai, UAE

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Wilson Tortosa for Wolverine manga comics

NEW YORK, NY – April 19, 2008 – Marvel Entertainment and Del Rey Manga, an imprint of Ballantine Books at the Random House Publishing Group, announced today the creative team for a manga based on the popular X-Men character, Wolverine. The series will be written by Antony Johnston, author of the Alex Rider graphic novels Stormbreaker and Point Blanc. The manga will be illustrated by Wilson Tortosa, artist of Tomb Raider and Battle of the Planets.

The manga chronicles the history of Wolverine, a mutant best known for his adamantium claws. Logan, a rebellious teen training in a remote school in the Canadian wilderness, has no memory of his life prior to being found in the forest near the school. But that forgotten life is about to come after him with a vengeance in this shônen thriller. (Shônen manga is aimed at boys through their teens and focuses on action.)

read more here

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