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Jomike Tejido’s Robotars invaded the Facebook photo tags

Comic book artist, toy designer and tv host – Jomike Tejido, launches another Facebook hype for all pinoys! His latest creation called Robotars, a robotic Tarsier character is finally a photo tag interface for all your friends! All you have to do is upload it in your Facebook photo album and then use the photo tag label in order to tag your Facebook friends according to their personality or character. The image has spreaded already as I posted it in my Facebook photo, tagging my friends and online buddies. Facebook members from other countries are now tagging themselves and their friends in my Facebook album.

But instead of tagging in my Facebook photo album, you may download the photo above and upload it in your account.

to know more about Robotars, visit http://www.robotars.multiply.com/
if you want to order some toy Robotars, custom and designed by Pinoy artist Jomike Tejido.


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New Prints by Malang for 2009


for inquiries, just contact the person listed on the e-flyer.

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Biopinoys features Larry Alcala

Lauro Zarate Alcala (b. August 18, 1926 – d. 2002), also known as Larry Alcala, was a well-known editorial cartoonist and illustrator in the Philippines.


He was born on August 18, 1926 to Ernesto Alcala and Elpidia Zarate in Daraga, Albay. Through a scholarship from Manila Times granted by the publisher Ramón Roces, he obtained a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting at the University of the Philippines (UP) in 1950. He became a professor at the same university from 1951 to 1981. He also received the Australian Cultural Award accompanied by a travel study grant in 1975.

Read more here

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Angel Locsin as Varga

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Word is going around that Angel Locsin will play Varga, the first Darna at the Kapamilya network. As most of us know, she previously portrayed the role of Darna during her stay at channel 7 which was said to be one of the best komiks tv series of the network.

Mars Ravelo created “Varga” in Bulaklak Magazine in year 1947, month of July. Varga was actually the first Darna since Mr. Ravelo created it three years before the much renowned “Darna” that was aired at the Kapuso network. The author actually remade the komiks because he left his previous employ (B. M.) and was hired at Ace Publications where he reintroduced Varga to the public as Darna.


Komiks News Now note: hmmm.. I’m totally speechless today about this news.. will the people see Angel as Varga or… DARNA ?

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The Gift – cover by Alfredo Alcala

such a big surprise for me to know that he did this great cover artwork!

The Gift

comics superstar Alfredo Alcala turned in one of the best art-jobs of his illustrious career. In a tale markedly devoid of fist-fights and chases, the magical monochrome pages reverberate with grandeur and solidity as they recount the passionate quest of French sculptor and artisan Frederic Auguste Bartholdi to build a monument to match and even surpass the monolithic achievements of the ancient world’s Seven Wonders.” – read more here

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Pinoy publishes own manga book – Love is in the Bag volume 1

Check out this new Manga title published and created by Ace and Jed of Studio Studio
Congrats! and thanks for informing me. Will check this out soon as I visited my local bookstore

posted at Ace’s multiply blog

“Finally, after a year of preparation, it’s here at last.
My first graphic novel, Love is in the Bag Volume 1, will be available at FULLY BOOKED and POWERBOOKS as early as next week. 🙂 It’s 244 pages long and retails at PHP388.oo
It is a romance comedy with some basketball thrown into the mix.

Here’s the synopsis:
A wacky comedy about a romance that never quite goes as planned.

Timid, 16-year old Kate Mennella is just like any average high school girl from Saint Xander International High; she studies hard and has a crush on their basketball star Calvin Jacobs.
Except she has a distinct disadvantage compared to the other girls: Whenever Kate gets excited…something happens to her.
To make matters worse, Calvin Jacobs is unbelievably dense, and our poor heroine is completely invisible to him. Unable to do anything but literally stay silent whenever he’s around, it’s up to Kate’s more agressive best friend, Kara Francesco, to step in and get these two lovebirds together–by any means necessary.
Chock-full of silly gags, awkward situations, and tingly romance, Love is in the Bag is an atypical love comedy that’s sure to brighten your day…and prove that in love, with the right set of friends, it’s all in the bag.


Please go and support my artists and I by purchasing a copy of the book! Sulit sya! 😀
EDIT: It is now available at the following outlets –
Fully Booked:
The Fort, Rockwell, Gateway, North EDSA, Greenhills
Alabang Town Center, Filinvest, Glorietta, Greenbelt, Megamall, Shangri-La, Ermita Midtown, and SM Cebu (hehe)

If ever you go and they no longer have stock, please let the staff know so they can notify their head office who will in turn notify me to deliver more books. 🙂 ” – Ace

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American Komikeros- The Documentary’s Blurbs

thanks to Budj for the twitter news 🙂
I haven’t seen yet a documentary film about Filipino komiks, I guess this might be the first that will start it all.
I was told by Alfredo Alcala Jr.  about an old documentary film about our Filipino artists and it features a great interview
with our comic artist masters, but too bad that there’s no other copy of the film. Also I saw a short documentary and interview with Tony Velasquez, comic creator of Kenkoy komiks in Knowledge Channel, I sent them a note years ago to replay it, but its sad that I haven’t receive any reply from them. But the docu film American Komikeros is a great start to archive it and save it for future references.


American Komikeros ©2007, LeRoid E. David

For over 30 years, hundreds of Filipino comic book artists (also known as “komikeros”), from major to independent publishers, have been contributing their amazing talents to the American comic book industry. Beginning in the early 1970s, Tony DeZuniga became the first Filipino artist to break into the American market starting with DC Comics; he is the co-creator of DC’s Jonah Hex and Black Orchid. Tony also led the first wave of Filipino immigrants to work for American comic books.

Get to know his story along with many other fellow Komikeros- Alex Nino, Ernie Chan, Danny Bulandi, Whilce Portacio, Philip Tan, and Leinil Francis Yu. This short documentary project will introduce some of the history and profiles of these underappreciated Filipino artists, past and present, America and abroad. Plus insight from some of today’s biggest names in the comic book industry- Frank Cho, Mark Wheatley, Jose Villarrubia, Brian Philippson, Alex Saviuk, and more!

Directed and Produced by LeRoid David with Matthew Abaya.

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The Death and Life of the Komiks

Forwarded by Sir Vim Nadera from the artforum ML. Its an article about the Komiks Symposium last year at the Pasko ng Komiks. If you missed the Pasko ng Komiks event, you can visit my coverage here with photos and video.


The Death and Life of the Komiks

Article by : Emil M. Flores

It all began with death. But death was to be denied. On December 11, 2007 the College of Arts and Letters of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, the Likhaan Creative Writing Center and Read or Die convened “Pasko ng Komiks” the first ever gathering of creators, collectors and academe on the “literature of the masses,” the komiks. Amidst the statements that the komiks were dead, the symposium speakers begged to differ. The komiks are alive. The creators may not be properly recognized or compensated, but the komiks are alive. Institutions may not see them worthy to be preserved and archived but the komiks are alive.

The pronouncements began with National Artist and College of Arts and Letters dean Virgilio Almario questioning komiks’ demise and reaffirming the art form’s importance to Philippine culture and society.

While the komiks were alive, all was not well. The first session was moderated by Prof. Michael Chua and Sally Eugenio and it began with a fairly troublesome note.

The first speaker Gerry Alanguilan recalled his early career in komiks. He lamented how the industry itself does not encourage creativity. One publisher he approached in 1992 told him that he didn’t have to make his work look good since it was only for local readers. The low opinion of the publishers for its readers had a way of bouncing back. Eventually the readers developed a low opinion of the komiks. The opinion was so low that according to Alanguilan, the National Library deemed that komiks had no research value and were thus not preserved. Because of this lack of preservation, Alanguilan lamented how many young artists do not know the creators from the 1940s. Ironically, many of the past creators took pride in their work and put their hearts and souls into them. To counter the sad state of komiks, Alanguilan continues to preserve the komiks works from the past in his online museum at komikero.com.

One of the great komiks creators from the 1930s to the 1970s was Francisco Coching. UP Art Studies professor Patrick Flores spoke of the importance of Coching’s work in Philippine society. Coching, who chose to be a komiks artist rather than a painter, influenced many Filipino artists. In fact, according to Flores, many artists in the provinces learned their human anatomy drawing through the Francisco Coching komiks since art books were not available to them. Through his works such as Pedro Penduko, Hagibis and Lapu Lapu, Flores stated that Francisco Coching helped shape the face of the Filipino in the 1950s and 60s.

Komiks writer Gladys Gimena outlined the types of stories that are prominent in the komiks namely: drama (Bituing Walang Ningning), love (Sinasamba Kita), mystery and horror (Bangungot), fantasy (Zuma), hero-oriented (Darna), action (Bad Boy), true-to-life and political propaganda, and children’s educational komiks. From the types of stories given, Gimena showed how diverse the komiks were in terms of content. The komiks were not ruled by a single dominant genre and that demonstrated the medium’s significance to Philippine society.

Legendary creator Pablo Gomez shared his experiences as a komiks creator and as a writer for film. At one pint in his talk he lamented the lack of respect older creators like him get from the creators who came after him. He simply lets his work speak for themselves, a valuable lesson for the future komiks creators.

Collectors Dennis Villegas and Orvy Jundis showed samples of rare komiks and stressed the importance of preserving them for future readers. Jundis, a Filipino American noted how many Filipino artists who worked in the United States such as Nestor Redondo and Alfredo Alcala were highly respected in the American comics scene. American artist such as Al Williamson were even influenced by Francisco Coching.

The afternoon session, with Prof. Vim Nadera and Sally Eugenio acting as moderators, further expanded the scope of discussion.
The first session featured women komiks creators Ofelia Concepcion, Vivian Limpin, Gilda Olivado, Joanah Tinio-Calingo, Elizabeth Chionglo, Syeri Baet and Claire Villacorta. The impressive assembly demonstrated that women despite the challenges they have faced have made an indelible mark in the various forms of komiks: the komiks magasin, newspaper strips, and indie comics.

More creators were featured in the second session. These were Carlo Vergara, Andrew Drilon, Andrew Villar, Randy Valiente, Jonas Diego, Melvin Calingo, Rey Tiempo, Victor Balanon and KC Cordero. While Randy Valiente pointed out the problems that the komiks industry faced such as the monopoly in publishing and the unfair treatment of the creators, the panelist themselves demonstrated that a new breed of komiks creators were looking at alternative venues such as the Internet to present their creativity. Creators such as Melvin Calingo showed that an alternate source of inspiration can come from Japanese manga and anime. Andrew Drilon has created komiks based on video games. Carlo Vergara’s Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah has been made into a live musical production as well as a feature film. Komiks may be struggling but the eclectic group of creators showed that all was not lost.

The final panelists Emil Flores, Romulo Baquiran, Lawrence Mijares and Boboy Yonzon reinstated the importance of komiks in Philippine art, history and culture. The challenges are great the panelists noted but the possibilities are endless and exciting.

Throughout the symposium video presentations of seminal komiks series were presented by Filipiniana.net. The presentations of Carlo J. Caparas’ Ang Panday, Gilda Olivado’s Babangon Ako at Dudurugin Kita, and Carlo Vergara’s Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah provided were wonderful examples of how the komiks reflected Filipino culture through stories filled with action, drama, humor and heroism.
In his closing statement National Artist Bienvinido Lumbera stated that the times have changed for the komiks. The komiks are not as ubiquitous as they once were but they are taking new forms in content, art styles and inspiration. But as the symposium clearly demonstrated, the komiks are not dead. The komiks are changing and they must be preserved so that all of us can experience that the wonder and excitement that they provide.

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Kinamay na Obra mula sa Malikhaing Imahinasyon sa Kultura at Sining

I didn’t know that the word ” KOMIKS” is an acronym of “Kinamay na Obra mula sa Malikhaing Imahinasyon sa Kultura at Sining”

I just found it out after reading an article in the net. Im posting a copy of it here, but I like to invite all to read the original source posted below

Source : The Makati Collegian

COMICS: On the evolution of time

By Merlou Cape Reniva

Liwayway, Darna, Hiwaga and Aliwan – Are you familiar with these? Most probably not because these are some of the popular comics magazines decades ago. If classical comics will be placed side by side with today’s popular comics and anime magazines, we might not be interested with such comics anymore.

Currently, Filipinos continue to support television fantasy series such as Darna and Captain Barbel and superhero movies like Lastikman and Zuma. These stories are crafted by a popular comic creator named Mars Ravelo.

What is Comics?

Comics is a reading material for entertainment and recreation. It is a favorite collection because readers are following the series of stories. It is a media for expressing sensitive and critical issues but the presentation is witty.

Kinamay na Obra mula sa Malikhaing Imahinasyon sa Kultura at Sining or KOMIKS. The masterpiece of a writer and an illustrator which is collectively coined as comic creators. It is a form of media reflecting the lives of the people. It describes things that exist in our society in which it depicts issues on politics, economics, social life as well as our culture and religion.
Comics History

For those who do not know, Dr. Jose Rizal was the first Filipino who created drawing and put letters on it. He created a fable entitled �The Monkey and the Tortoise� in 1886 and essentially made the very first Filipino comics in the year 1889.
Continue reading

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Sao-chan featured in Itsura Manga


“Hi! Im Sao born October of 1983, lived in Pateros, Manila. During my elementary and high school days, I tried public and private schools, and I’m currently an undergrad. lol [but I’m on it right now — finishing it]. My first college was in the province, Cagayan valley to be exact. I tried BSIT [yea-yea information technology] because there were no FA courses that time, but I was also no good for computers, then I transferred into an interior design course studied for 3 to 4 years, then gave up, went back to Pateros. I miss my home! D:>

I probably didn’t take much to living in the province that’s why I decided to go back were I was, I loved drawing since I was 7? And at first, my mom was against me drawing manga/anime. So that’s that. Well, I guess, that was the start? ahahaha. ^^;;;;” – Sao Chan

Read more of the interview at Itsura Manga

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A comic strip for those who wait for the UPCAT result

just found this funny comic blog of Kenikenken, you may click the  image below to visit his blog site and read this comic strip about a student who is going to take an UPCAT exam in UP Diliman. and oh btw, happy 100th anniversary to U.P. Diliman!

or to check out more of the strips visit Nang Lumubo ang Sipon at http://kenikenken99.blogspot.com/

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This is a teaser of “PUTO”. signing and launching by Huck Gee will be at CUISINE on Borgy Manotoc’s HAPPY MONDAYS Febuary 4!!!! it will be in bronze colorway!!!!! limited to only 100 pcs. worldwide. it will be available for purchase right there on the show.
this is history folks!!!!! mabuhay si PUTO!!!!!!!price will be approximately 3,500 php.
size is approx. 7-8 inches.

// one of the fresh  designer toy and that is Philippine made, one of the first ever made and distributed-exclusively here in our country. check out more of it at http://freshmanila.multiply.com

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