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coverage : Mico Suayan autograph signing and Werewolf by Night #1 comic book launching at Comic Odyssey

Written by Azrael Coladilla on 5:06 AM Sunday, January 11, 2009


I went to the comic book launching of “Dead of Night featuring Werewolf by Night #1” and it is also the autograph signing of Mico Suayan, who is our penciler for that comics, published under Marvel Comics, and written by Duane Swierczynski. I just read some comic reviews last wednesday here on the net, and they say that the art of Mico here for Werewolf by Night is a little bit tone down, and because many of you are familiar with his works in Moonknight, you might get an idea here for looking a new style that Mico wants to deliver, and I just confirmed it with him awhile ago that he is working on this new style, more on realistic and not too edgy like what he did for Moonknight.

It was a great day for comics once again, and marvelous conversation with the artist, and we were joined by Edgat Tadeo and it was followed by Jay Anacleto after his comic signing event in another venut later that evening. Thanks to Comic Odyssey for event and also allowing us to hang out in the shop ahhaha. grab the book and check it out.

more photos below after the werewolf jump

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Tony De Zuniga : Super Heroes 2 gallery exhibit Opening event coverage

Written by Azrael Coladilla on 10:42 AM Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shanna, queen of the Savage Land

I failed to attend the opening event of Tony De Zuniga’s Super Heroes 2 at the Crucible in Megamall. I’m glad that our friend Ernest Hernandez took some cool photo coverage and shared to us. Love to see new painting artworks done by Tony De Zuniga, and from here at home, by looking at it, my favorite piece is the Shanna painting with the big cat behind. There is also Vampirella for my 2nd favorite set and finally the Red Sonja with a giant iguana, I really like his drawing on female characters, and from the look of it, very classic and sexy.

It is all comics characters for this year, compare to last year, it was a mix up of comic characters like Jonah Hex, Red Sonja and Batman, mixed with still life paintings.

The exhibit is til January 29, 2009. So visit the Crucible gallery, check it out..and you might have an interest in purchasing some of the greatest piece of comics artwork by artist extraordinaire Tony De Zuniga.

more photos below

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Marvels 2 comics signing at Comic Odyssey Report

Written by Azrael Coladilla on 1:11 PM Tuesday, December 09, 2008

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Jay Anacleto (Marvels 2) doing the thumbs up

This is what happens if I failed to attend a comic book event, and I know that everyone will be there and I didn’t expected that it will turn like a mini comic convention ehhhee, congrats to all and nice to see that everyone is getting busy doing comics and fans being active in these events. Jay Anacleto was there as the main highlight of the event for the promotion of the sequel of Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross’s Marvels, and its Jay Anacleto’s turn to wear the crown as the artist for the Marvels 2. And the comics is already SOLD OUT…and I don’t have my own copy. Me and Mark decided to check out in Planet X comics, but failed…still copies are sold out.

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Gerry and Tony de Zuniga, Leinil Yu signs comics of Secret Invasion 8

Also Gerry shared to us photos of the event, and wow! Tony de Zuniga was there to sign comics, Leinil Yu was there too for Secret Invasion 8, Gerry Alanguilan for Elmer comics, and Edgar Tadeo. It was a local avengers meet up and I failed to attend it. check out Gerry’s blog for more photos and videos of the event.. hope I can grab my copy of Marvels 2.. or else.. hmm no..I won’t even download it hahahaha. (all Photos by Gerry A

check out Gerry Alanguilan’s coverage at Jay Anacleto Marvels 2 Comic Book Signing

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Free Comic Book Day Philippines blog report

This is my blog post on what happened at the FCBD

Free comics were given away last Saturday at the Comic Odyssey in Robinsons Galeria, I arrived early in the morning once the mall opens at 10am. I was surprised to see a number of 20 people already outside the store and falling in line, most of them are inside the store checking out some comics bin and some of them bought some back issue comics,. I interview some of the early birds and they are from a group of collectors who are a member of an online forum.

I immediately set up my laptop, camera and microphone, then place my laptop outside the store, I’m using the free wifi access of the mall so its not a problem for me, but the good signal comes from outside the store infront of the entrance. While I placed the camera and microphone on the glass display counter near the entrance, a better view of the whole store. I tested the online broadcast that minute, just experience some wonky connection and after a few minutes, everything is smooth and online.

Thanks to our friend OJ, who went early to help me compose a database of FCBD visitors, and glad that he brought a camera tripod, there we use his tripod for the camera and it was place in a very good view, semi birds eye view.

I just recorded the online video stream, from 10am-2pm, and some of the highlights are available for view in my youtube account. I didn’t posted all of the video because some of them runs about a 40-minute footage, were you can see people laughing, talking and getting their free comics.

I really like the idea that we did a countdown from 10 to zero and many people enjoyed it, it was like celebrating Xmas or New year and this time we go to celebrate the love of reading comics. “Welcome to Free Comic book Day” Sandy Sansolis, owner of the Comic Odyssey store, shouted after the countdown and everyone went to scream “Yey!!!” and it was the best part of the event.

I got the idea of broadcasting the FCBD sometime last year, I prepared for it and I am very happy that this year’s FCBD online video stream is a big success, got connected from a lot of people and Filipino around the world, just like our friend Homer who is in Cebu and David of Sydney, Australia was there online with other pinoy viewers and David relays his experience about the FCBD in his country that started 4 hours early ( which states that Australia might celebrated it first than here in the Philippines). Also at the online video stream and chat, Tom Pomplum, publisher for Graphic Classics was online and also Anne Timmons artist for “The Dream” of Graphic Classics, both of them wants to see Gerry Alanguilan online and glad that it turn out well, funny to see Gerry’s reaction when I told him about Tom and Anne viewing his comic signing sessions with fans. Also great to see some of the online chatters are chatting with Anne Timmons and glad that they get connected in an instant via my online stream and chat for the FCBD day in the Philippines.

Comic book signings started at around 1pm and Gerry Alanguilan, Edgar Tadeo, Budjette Tan and Mico Suayan was there as one of the guest artist, and also there are lot of artist went there to say hi and participated the event, Leinil Yu arrived later that day and also other artists like Jonas Diego, Gilbert Monsanto, Dennis Crisostomo, Gio Paredes, Randy Valiente, Andrew Villar and many more. Comic fans was there and glad that they received some quick sketches, autographs and also commissioned pin up artworks. Budjette Tan distribute limited posters of Trese comics, while Gerry give away some copies of Elmer issue 3 comics.

I was busy that time moderating the chat online and also monitoring the video stream, I just talked to some fans while waiting for my time to leave. And also the effectiveness of the FCBD event is that it attracts a lot of non reading comics individuals who went there too to get some comics, there are kids, mom and dads – in other words -> family members are all there, waiting in the line.

I just can’t believe to see that impact of the FCBD, thus it makes the scene here in Manila to host the biggest FCBD event and thanks to Comic Odyssey and glad that Sandy is so prepared for it, also there are other FCBD event that happend in Manila, there were FCBD event at Fullybooked and Druids Keep, some say that there are other stores in Q.C. and Makati who just got their own FCBD event. It was so cool, sad to say that I failed to promote them too, because when I checked the official website of FCBD, only Comic Odyssey was listed there are as one of the official host in the Philippines and I was not aware that they updated the website days before the FCBD May 3, 2008.

Comic Odyssey gave away 3 FCBD exclusives on each visitor, and also 20 pcs. of comics in their back issue bin, and a Graphic Classics for the first 250 visitors. Some say that the FCBD exclusives ran out at 2:30pm, thus making some problem in some visitors who are still lining up. All left at that time were back issues. So some of the visitor accepted the truth that they missed the FCBD exclusives,but were happy to take home some back issues limited to 10 pcs at that time. And also met our pinoy artists who were present that day.

It was a fun event and right now I’m having a concept for making this FCBD bigger next year by helping all comic stores in promoting the joy and fun of reading comics. See you all next year!!!

photo and coverage at



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Private Iris – book launch @ Fullybooked, Boni High St.

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It was the day of mystery and adventure,but the main hero and CSI-like are kids, and at the Private Iris book launching at Fullybooked, Boni High, kids, teens, adults, comic reader and book lover celebrate the launch of a new adventure comic book called Private Iris. Playing investigator and detective for a day made a dream come true for visitors, there are activities in every floor of Fullybooked for kids that gives them task to investigate something, others are coloring and drawing activity.

Its great to see our comic creators who went there to support the comics created by Jamie Bautista and Arnold Arre. congrats to Blue Cow publishing and to their team for releasing Private Iris

more articles, photos and album below after the jump

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video blog+coverage : Spectrum and Gary Mayoralgo interview

There are times that we discover new abilities and mutant powers in ourself, and this exhibit held in Glorietta shows a big proof that our friend Gary Mayoralgo and other new artist are coming out to showcase their art and to let everyone know that they are ready to sit along with the industry.

more photos, stories and vide below after the jump

CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING video blog+coverage : Spectrum: Distinct + Diverse Exhibit @ Glorietta

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Secret Invasion and Leinil Yu at Druid’s Keep

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Tim (left) shows an autographed comics by Leinil Yu (right)

This is what happens when I’m into a Skrull mode. Tim shares his experience and took photo at the store visit and autograph signing by Leinil Yu to Druid’s Keep customers for the Secret Invasion issue 1 release.

Secret Invasion in itself is a great start to what looks to be a promising series. While the art is definitely looking good this time around, the story itself worried me for a moment. I finally read the issue in its entirety and, to my surprise, it’s not as bad as I thought and going smoothly as planned by writer Brian Michael Bendis, who sowed the seeds of this event since the very 1st issue of New Avengers a few years back! Honestly, I think the Skrulls are a convenient way of explaining the mishaps happening in the Marvel Universe now after the fallout of their last crossover Civil War, but I must say that the execution here is excellent and makes a lot of sense on some angles. It’s too early to say what’s going to happen and what the reprecussions will be, but now the MU’s about to experience another wild ride for their part.

more of the blog post and photo at Tim’s blog at Marvelous Long Weekend!

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Marvel New Avenger Annual #2 Signing at Druids Keep with Carlo Pagulayan and Jeff Huet

Feb. 2, 2008
Druids Keep

thanks to soundwave07  for the info and the photo coverage


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The Death and Life of the Komiks

Forwarded by Sir Vim Nadera from the artforum ML. Its an article about the Komiks Symposium last year at the Pasko ng Komiks. If you missed the Pasko ng Komiks event, you can visit my coverage here with photos and video.


The Death and Life of the Komiks

Article by : Emil M. Flores

It all began with death. But death was to be denied. On December 11, 2007 the College of Arts and Letters of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, the Likhaan Creative Writing Center and Read or Die convened “Pasko ng Komiks” the first ever gathering of creators, collectors and academe on the “literature of the masses,” the komiks. Amidst the statements that the komiks were dead, the symposium speakers begged to differ. The komiks are alive. The creators may not be properly recognized or compensated, but the komiks are alive. Institutions may not see them worthy to be preserved and archived but the komiks are alive.

The pronouncements began with National Artist and College of Arts and Letters dean Virgilio Almario questioning komiks’ demise and reaffirming the art form’s importance to Philippine culture and society.

While the komiks were alive, all was not well. The first session was moderated by Prof. Michael Chua and Sally Eugenio and it began with a fairly troublesome note.

The first speaker Gerry Alanguilan recalled his early career in komiks. He lamented how the industry itself does not encourage creativity. One publisher he approached in 1992 told him that he didn’t have to make his work look good since it was only for local readers. The low opinion of the publishers for its readers had a way of bouncing back. Eventually the readers developed a low opinion of the komiks. The opinion was so low that according to Alanguilan, the National Library deemed that komiks had no research value and were thus not preserved. Because of this lack of preservation, Alanguilan lamented how many young artists do not know the creators from the 1940s. Ironically, many of the past creators took pride in their work and put their hearts and souls into them. To counter the sad state of komiks, Alanguilan continues to preserve the komiks works from the past in his online museum at komikero.com.

One of the great komiks creators from the 1930s to the 1970s was Francisco Coching. UP Art Studies professor Patrick Flores spoke of the importance of Coching’s work in Philippine society. Coching, who chose to be a komiks artist rather than a painter, influenced many Filipino artists. In fact, according to Flores, many artists in the provinces learned their human anatomy drawing through the Francisco Coching komiks since art books were not available to them. Through his works such as Pedro Penduko, Hagibis and Lapu Lapu, Flores stated that Francisco Coching helped shape the face of the Filipino in the 1950s and 60s.

Komiks writer Gladys Gimena outlined the types of stories that are prominent in the komiks namely: drama (Bituing Walang Ningning), love (Sinasamba Kita), mystery and horror (Bangungot), fantasy (Zuma), hero-oriented (Darna), action (Bad Boy), true-to-life and political propaganda, and children’s educational komiks. From the types of stories given, Gimena showed how diverse the komiks were in terms of content. The komiks were not ruled by a single dominant genre and that demonstrated the medium’s significance to Philippine society.

Legendary creator Pablo Gomez shared his experiences as a komiks creator and as a writer for film. At one pint in his talk he lamented the lack of respect older creators like him get from the creators who came after him. He simply lets his work speak for themselves, a valuable lesson for the future komiks creators.

Collectors Dennis Villegas and Orvy Jundis showed samples of rare komiks and stressed the importance of preserving them for future readers. Jundis, a Filipino American noted how many Filipino artists who worked in the United States such as Nestor Redondo and Alfredo Alcala were highly respected in the American comics scene. American artist such as Al Williamson were even influenced by Francisco Coching.

The afternoon session, with Prof. Vim Nadera and Sally Eugenio acting as moderators, further expanded the scope of discussion.
The first session featured women komiks creators Ofelia Concepcion, Vivian Limpin, Gilda Olivado, Joanah Tinio-Calingo, Elizabeth Chionglo, Syeri Baet and Claire Villacorta. The impressive assembly demonstrated that women despite the challenges they have faced have made an indelible mark in the various forms of komiks: the komiks magasin, newspaper strips, and indie comics.

More creators were featured in the second session. These were Carlo Vergara, Andrew Drilon, Andrew Villar, Randy Valiente, Jonas Diego, Melvin Calingo, Rey Tiempo, Victor Balanon and KC Cordero. While Randy Valiente pointed out the problems that the komiks industry faced such as the monopoly in publishing and the unfair treatment of the creators, the panelist themselves demonstrated that a new breed of komiks creators were looking at alternative venues such as the Internet to present their creativity. Creators such as Melvin Calingo showed that an alternate source of inspiration can come from Japanese manga and anime. Andrew Drilon has created komiks based on video games. Carlo Vergara’s Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah has been made into a live musical production as well as a feature film. Komiks may be struggling but the eclectic group of creators showed that all was not lost.

The final panelists Emil Flores, Romulo Baquiran, Lawrence Mijares and Boboy Yonzon reinstated the importance of komiks in Philippine art, history and culture. The challenges are great the panelists noted but the possibilities are endless and exciting.

Throughout the symposium video presentations of seminal komiks series were presented by Filipiniana.net. The presentations of Carlo J. Caparas’ Ang Panday, Gilda Olivado’s Babangon Ako at Dudurugin Kita, and Carlo Vergara’s Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah provided were wonderful examples of how the komiks reflected Filipino culture through stories filled with action, drama, humor and heroism.
In his closing statement National Artist Bienvinido Lumbera stated that the times have changed for the komiks. The komiks are not as ubiquitous as they once were but they are taking new forms in content, art styles and inspiration. But as the symposium clearly demonstrated, the komiks are not dead. The komiks are changing and they must be preserved so that all of us can experience that the wonder and excitement that they provide.

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Malang at Eighty Exhibit Opening Night ( photo coverage)

I missed the opening night and also read the news late in Manila Bulletin, but I’m glad that Video 48 posted a photo coverage of the opening night.  you can check out the photos here

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Photos: Comic Odyssey Grand Opening – Eastwood Cybermall

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more photos at Comic Odyssey Grand Opening – Eastwood Cybermall

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The Future of Philippine Comics

from the Pasko ng Komiks symposium in U.P. Diliman

“Creating Komiks”
panels by Carlo Vergara, Andrew Drilon, Andrew Villar, Jonas Diego, Leah Lim,
Randy Valienta, Rey Tiempo, Melvin Calingo, Jon Zamar

Moderated by : Sally Eugenio and Vim Nadera

Indie comic creator Jon Salazar delivers a question to the panelist about what will be the future of Philippine comics.
Which seems to be the most interesting part is to hear the answers of the panelist.

So for you ? what is the future of our Philippine comics scene/industry?

Thanks to Azrael Coladilla for the video coverage

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