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FREE SUMMER caricature workshops for kids!

Would you like to help out? Learn a thing or two?
Have your kids join in the fun?

My schedule:

18 April; Friday / 2pm
We’ll have the caricature workshop at NORTH CEMETERY
Meeting place is at ATD office (see below).

24 April; Thursday / 2pm
We’ll have the caricature workshop at “under the bridge”
Meeting place is at ATD office (see below).

15 May; Thursday / 2pm
We’ll have the caricature workshop at Lozada St. Pandacan
Meeting place is at ATD office (see below).

Help us paint a mural!
22 May; Thursday / 2pm
ATD office (see below).

Have a memorable and enjoyable time this summer!

All Together in Dignity (ATD) Fourth World Philippines
,an international non-profit organization, invites you to join the Festival of Learning and help a child this summer!
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Read the news Here

I dont know him personally, but his works in the comics Dark Pages is one of my fave! I remember that when the info from Alamat ML came about this horror comics titled Dark Pages will be released, I went down to Comic Quest and bought one for myself. It was the best come back of horror comics to me and I treasure it. It’s like me reading a local Heavy Metal magazine but the art will blow you away and will teleport you into  a different realm.

If ever I can go back to my home in Pasig City, I’ll grab my comic and re-read it again for a big tribute to Galo Ador who founded the independent comic Dark Pages

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KABAYAN NEWS is looking for Filipino comic strip artists

just saw this post at the PKMB forum, thanks to Randy theValiant

KABAYAN NEWS is looking for Filipino comic strip artists.

Send your CVs and sample works tomcpobre.valdez@ gmail.com
Contact 0921 414 9770 for details and inquiries.


Kabayan News is a weekly FilipinoNewspaper based in Italy distributed freely across countries in Europe. Itsteam is a group of energy fired migrant Filipinos in Europe who spend hourssqueezing their brains just to bring you the best free weekly
Filipino Newspaper in this continent. The mixture of different professions industryexperiences and expertise is working formula in making each issue veryinformative, accurate and reliable. In each page, you will feel [the]dedication, enthusiasm and enjoyment in bring a newspaper that [the readers]will understand and be proud of.

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Animating Philippine Literature

got this from the Alamat ML, thanks to Budj for the link


(an excerpt)

A work titled Ang Kagilagilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni Zsazsa Zaturnnah (The Amazing Adventures of Zsazsa
Zaturnnah) deserves special mention, because of its runaway success in several versions—first, as a comic
book by the artist Carlo Vergara in 2002, then a stage musical in 2006, and finally as a movie in 2006.
Before the musical even opened, all 16 shows had been sold out—an unprecedented feat in Philippine theater.
All three versions—comic book, musical, and movie—won critical acclaim. The lesson here? Update and adapt
material for new times, themes, and audiences.

Zsazsa Zaturnnah is also unusual in that it was one of the relatively few cases where a work that had
succeeded in print moved on to the stage and then to  the movies. Very few Filipino stories, novels, or
plays ever make it to the movies, with the occasional exception of popular novels serialized in the komiks
magazines. An incipient independent film industry has emerged, with many young talents drawn from art,
literature, and music, but its market, as yet, remains severely limited.

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Komiks News Now video blog : Comics for February 2, 2008

time for a video blog update for all, and this time we feature not only the local comics, but also other popular comic titles.
Here I am with Marc Cerbo and Victor Velasco show you some comics news on what’s the latest titles that we got in Comic Odyssey. From Transformers comics, New Avengers, the new Captain America up to the latest issue of Toyfare magazine and more.

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Sputnik Comics Shop opens in Cubao X

Previously in Komiks News Now

We went to the opening of a new comic store in the middle of the busy area of Cubao last month, and we are happy and yes, super happy to know that it is really a shop for comics! Video below is an interview and feature of the Sputnik Comics Shop, we didn’t know why it is named after that satellite, but for us it is more faster than a speeding rocketship.

Ramon De Veyra, store owner of Sputnik. Just told me that they are open for selling indie comics titles, so if you have your own comics and wants to get more readership, drop them a note at http://sputnikcomics.multiply.com/

Store opens at 4pm to 8pm, Tuesday to Sunday
located at Cubao Shoe Expo ( or Cubao X, yung malapit sa dating COD)

Video contains
-the launching event
-interview with the shop owner of Sputnik Comics Shop, Ramon De Veyra
-Leinil Yu perfoms with his band, Marty Mcfly
-Quark Henares host the raffle contest

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photo event coverage album at Sputniks Comics shop launching event at Cubao Shoe Expo

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Share your Komikon reviews and experience

post it and log on to http://www.komiks.forumer.com

or at http://komiks.21.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?p=4#4

for Komiks reviews go to


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Link: http://www.freeforum101.com/wdiasjr

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