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Komikon 2008 – new comics and items releases

Written by Azrael Coladilla on 8:45 PM Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Check out our listing of interesting new indie comics releases and also items that will be launched this Saturday at the Komikon 2008 : 4th Filipino Komiks Convention.

This is a cross post entry to my blogs Azrael’s Merryland, Komiks News Now Philippines
and my Multiply blog. If you are a comic creator and will release your comics or merchandise at Komikon 2008, feel free to email me your new comic title releases with pic and synopsis. For any corrections of information listed below, just email or post a comment below to correct me.

this checklist will be updated once we get infos from the creators.
read below our massive list of hot and new indie comic titles done by Filipinos.

Komion 2008 Tshirt ( Php 250, all sizes for male and female)
black shirt with gold label print.

Majarlica : Bayan ng agimat
illustrated by Danny Acuna and Jann Galino
Comics will be released on 2009, but at they will show some teaser pages at the event.

Elmer book 4 comics
by Gerry Alanguilan
This is the final and the most awaited comics ever, Also Gerry said in his DA journal that he will be selling issues 1-3 in his booth, and also he got a package issues 1-4 plus an original art drawing of Elmer for only P300.

Foldabots : toy book
by Jomike Tejido
comic artist and toy designer Jomiker will also launch a graphic tshirt line for all Foldabots fans.
This book is a collection of robots that turns into forest animals, its a toy book made of sheets, that’s why it is foldable. Ask him also about his new creation about a robot Tarsier monkey and the Foldabots board game.

Lapis Ko To Group 2nd Anthology comics
cover and artwork by John Becaro
the 2nd anthology features mini titles of Battle Cry, Sagrado, Diwata Nation and Kauing.
all creted by the Lapis Ko To group for only Php 45, all 44 pages. They will be making 50 copies for the event. also the 1st anthology comics will be reprinted and will be available at the event

Bayan Knights # 1
Gilbert Monsanto’s Sacred Mountain Publishing has gathered a powerhouse roster of comic creators and artist that give birth to the ultimate Filipino comics characters cross over and team up called Bayan Knights.

Core (right side)
Sarhento Sagrado – Gilbert Monsanto
Phantom Cat – Amely Grace Vidal
Manila Man – Rhoseller Quilantang
Salakay – Gerard “RHARDO” Fernandez
Bato – Gener Pedrina
Morion – Juan Paolo Mañanita
Boy Ipis – Paul Michael Ignacio

Powerhouse Division (left side)
Council – Teardrop
Kalayaan – Gio Paredes
Maskarado – Reno Maniquis
PagAsa – Erico Calimlim
Luzviminda – Ray Adrian Necor Magbanua
Liberty Girl – Joriben Zaballa
Claw – Myke Guisinga
Bagwis – Santy Panes
Servant – Geoffrey Borgonia

Sanduguan: Himagsikan # 3
by Gener Pedrina

Bato : Agimat Warrior # 1
by Gener Pedrina and Fritz Casas
if Ramon Revilla and Pedro Penduko gain super human and paranormal power abilities with the power of amulets or agimats, then they will be moved away when Pedro enters the picture, for he wields the most powerful agimat ever. Pedro will be here to battle the evil entities living in the underworld and afterworld.

Sandata # 0
by Gener Pedrina
covers by Carlo Pagulayan
Origin story will be revealed here, if superhero and martial arts skill plus a baston made them
powerful and invincible, then Sandata is the new man who uses skills and techno-magic weapons.

Just saw this from Randy Valiente’s blog. There will be a one man exhibit and also show by Derrick Macutay at the Komikon, also there will be the official exhibit in Megamall.

Rambol # 3
by Sacred Mountains
Its round 3 of the battle of elementals and human race’s powerful fighters in Alagad Inc., and also the battle continues of heroes and villains coming from the future and the past at Metropolitan. two titles in one comics, one big explosive comics action. By Gilbert Monsanto, Jun Monares and Cris Sison.

Kalayaan # 5
by Gio Paredes
looks like Kalayaan is in team up with some Philippine national hero.

The Adoboverse komiks #1
by Bien del Rosario
Looks like it will be wacky world in this Adoboverse.

Kubori Strips for the SOUL
by taga Kanal
cover by taga ilog
collection of comics strip from their website kuborikikiam.com, at first i thought this will be lighter side of Kubori Kikiam, Im glad that I read it that its a compilation of strips. whew!
I wanna see Manny get it on! haahaha, grab this for only Php80.

Digmaang Salinglahi comics series
by Jon Zamar

Atomic Underground # 5
by M3 comics

//fc00.deviantart.com/fs33/f/2008/310/a/d/Cresci_Issue_20_by_ika_siyam.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Cresi Prophecies # 20
by Joanah Tinio-Calingo

Timawa # 13 ( The Buzz Magasin)
by Gerry Alanguilan
I’m not sure if the magazine will be available at the event,but Gerry said that the December issue of Buzz is coming this month.

Callwork : a call center life
by Hazel Manzano
a compilation of comic strips that is serialize in one of the popular broadsheets.
a story and life inside the call center company. Life revolves around the job,work,home and still from the job of a call center agent.

Pagina issue 1-3 : one shot
by Klover Studio
one shot indie comics featuring titles of Regrets, Ask Eurayle, End, Bakit ka single?, Pint,
Salamin, Lasing ka na ba?, Klover Tales and many more

Aha Hule Komiks Unleashed # 1
by Core Studios

//images.freelyabrigo.multiply.com/image/8/photos/4/400x400/1/bookover.jpg?et=G9cnVHo%2ByOa3u95FQAywYw&nmid=88575447” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. //images.freelyabrigo.multiply.com/image/6/photos/55/400x400/1/kulas-komikon2008.jpg?et=d8TyrHUkuDqhqERy0fA99g&nmid=130866182” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
by Freely Abrigo
the funny and wacky Kulas never stops make us laugh and think that Kulas is the smartest comic character in the Kulas planet. hhaha. Also check out that Freely will be giving free comics caricature for all book buyers.

Ambush # 1
by Andrew Villar
This comics will be available at the SKP booth.

//fc53.deviantart.com/fs35/f/2008/293/2/d/2d373d84709a5805cf9102b9708d80e3.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Samahang Kartunista ng Pilipinas (SKP) roster book
by SKP
a compilation of artworks by members of SKP, this will be sold at the SKP booth.

Filipino Independent Komiks # 1
by KC Kordero and Novo Malgapo
One of the most awaited title and I’ve been hearing this comics from local comics forums, let’s see what KC will bring to us after they launched Pilipino Komiks years ago.

Filipino Independent Komiks # 2
by KC Korder and Philip Cruz, Jr.
didnt’t expected that they will release 2 issues in one day. wohhoh way the go Kc!

//www.padrawing.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/wolverine01_p-150x150.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.//www.padrawing.com/img/01a.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Edgar Tadeo will be selling original drawings, comic artworks and sketches. Just proceed to his booth to check out the items, or visit his website to know more about comic art commissions and sketches.

//images.gorgoro.multiply.com/image/1/photos/upload/300x300/SSTsnQoKCCcAADE9EXY1/4.jpg?et=pEZ4qFS%2ChPLdXL0eBoKG2Q&nmid=0” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
the true to life story of GORGORO HENSON comics
by Gorgoro Henson
Gorgoro will be giving away his FREE comics at the event, only 50 pcs will be given away to lucky event goers, grab this at the Kiko Machine booth or at the Visprint booth.

Trese book 1 and 2
by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo
Just got an update from Budj via multiply, that they will at the event inside the Visprint book, they will be selling 2 book compilation of Trese. They will be giving away some free poster to lucky buyers and event visitors of their booth.

The Last Datu
by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo
First collaboration of Budj and Kajo in comics

by Edgar Tadeo and David Hontiveros
They reprinted new copies for the event, and because that they ran out of copies last year, it will be my chance to own a copy of Kadiliman.

by Mervin Ignacio and Ian Sta. Maria
I just can’t miss this one. I have a copy of the 1st issue and I like to story! Tikbalangs, Aswangs and many elementals will invade the city.

Crimson Dusk
by Runaway Comics

by Fe Pineda under Revel Comics

//images.clemrusty.multiply.com/image/1/photos/upload/300x300/SSV2OAoKCswAAAr3qdY1/Alas-Preview-5.jpg?et=zgf5BoiRLln4ghq8GJ9I7w&nmid=0” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Ang Huling Baraha : Alas
by Aaron Felizmenner
“Ang Huling Baraha: Alas” tells the story of Vergel Roxas, a thief with a tragic past and how that tragedy lead his life into doing things that are uhm, not good. Plus! A 4-5 page preview of Gwapoman 2000!

Also got info that Pol Medina, comics creator of Pugad Baboy will be there at the event, also Reno Maniquis will be there also to sell comics copies of Maskarado.


so in order you can map out your mission to get comics, here is the floor layout I found from the Komikon blogsite.

(Click on image to enlarge)

Here is a list of who/what you should look out for:

(at the left side, facing the stage from entrance to back)

1) New Day Publishing – Get works of Roni Santiago (Baltic & Co.), Simo, Larry Alcala books and First few books of Pol Medina Jr.
2) 88db.com – Learn more about the online ad services they offer
3) PSICOM – Get PSICOM published comics and magazines
4) Mango Comics – Buy the latest comics and mags
5) IAS – Submit your works and get reviews
6) Groundbreakers Inc – Buy Mangaholix and have them signed
7) Future Star – sounds system
8) Indie Comics Tiangge – Read fresh comics from our Independent comic makers. See a full list of Indie Comic Participants here.

(at the right side, facing the stage from the entrance to the back)

  • ArtistsDen Booth – For Inquiries, complaints (we hope not); Komikon merchandise (shirts, pins, etc); and comic items of the ArtistsDen: Ariel of Class, Syeri of Carpool, Jon of Digmaang Salinlahi and Lyndon of Beerkada
  • UP LUNAROCK – partner UP organization, sign up and buy their stuff
  • UP Grail – partner UP organization, sign up and buy their stuff

(in front of the stage, counter clockwise)

1) Kommix Veterans
2) Digital Art Chefs
3) College of St. Benilde
4) Glass House Graphics

(center area, L-R from entrance to back)

1) CS Central (E37-40)
2) Randy Lansangan (E33)
3) Jeff Benitez / Joel Chua (E34)
4) JAE (E35-36)
5) SKP (E29-30)
6) Blue Cow (E31)
7) Hobby Point (E32)
8) Comic Odyssey (E25-28)
9) Talecraft (E21)
10) Inferno Krusher (E22)
11) Alamat (E23)
12) VPE (E24)
13) Guhit Pinoy (E17-18)
14) Twilights World Publishing House (E19)
15) freshMANILA /Freelance Artists Society (E20)
16) FullyBooked (E13-16)
17) Sacred Mountain (E9)
18) Vibal/WikiFilipinas (E10-11)
19) Mark Navarro (E12)
20) Ner P. (E5)
21) Subway Productions (E6)
22) Ram Lee (E7)
23) Olympia (E8)
24) DA MEAT (E1)
25) Bad Luck (E2)
26) Cindo Studios (E3-4)

Food Options (Left and Right Side Entrances)

1) Ajisaki Japanese Food
2) Potato Vits
3) Snowcone
4) Hero Bites
5) OMG Kawaii Bento
6) (mongolian food)

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for promoting our comics! Kita-kits sa KOMIKON bukas! God bless!

    Comment by Jann Galino | November 21, 2008 | Reply

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