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Todd McFarlane and Brian Holguin return to the pages of ‘Spawn’ with artist and Image founder Whilce Portacio

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got this info and pic from Whilce

Spawn gets a massive makeover in October when a brand new creative team dons the suit come issue #185—a creative team consisting of writer Brian Holguin, Image founder Whilce Portacio and Spawn creator himself, Todd McFarlane.

“We’ve just been talking with everybody involved about what we can do to see if we can inspire the readers,” McFarlane said. “One of them was to just take the book in a different direction in terms of the storyline, and then the other one was maybe take it in a bit of a different direction artistically, too.”
[EXCLUSIVE!] McFARLANE REUNITES WITH ‘SPAWN’Image founder Whilce Portacio (Wetworks) gets behind the wheel to drive the book in that new artistic direction with McFarlane riding shotgun as creative director. The pair work in conjunction with one another—McFarlane often describes the scenes and Portacio pencils in his own twists and turns.

“Having Todd by my side is fantastic because he gives me all the texture he’s been trying to place in his stories,” said Portacio. “As the artist, I get to say, ‘Okay, let me grab all of this stuff that’s oozing out of your head and let me see if I could make it visually pleasing.’ For me, that’s the most fun part.”

read more at http://www.wizarduniverse.com/060608spawnannouncement.html

More pics Here!


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