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GHG head honcho recruiting Manila artists right now

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David Campiti, CEO of Glass House Graphics/Studio Sakka Graphics, is in Manila right now through the 18th of June.  His purpose:  To review, train, and recruit the best undiscovered talent that the Philippines has to offer, to work for the American market for American rates.

Are you an animator, cartoonist, illustrator, or designer who has the talent and skill to make it in the American comics market but haven’t had the opportunity?  This is your chance.  David is no longer conducting his big yearly Seminars at the MegaMall, but your opportunities to work with GHG are better than ever.

Just send .jpg samples of your work today to David@glasshousegraphics.com.  (If you need sample plots or scripts to draw from, get them from HERE.)

If you’d rather bring your samples portfolio in person to David, please Email his assistant MicaChua@glasshousegraphics.com to set up an appointment.

There is NO FEE.  David personally reviews all samples and gives honest critiques.  If he loves your work, he will offer you the opprtunity to join GHG.  If you need some training, he will provide that for free, too.   “If enough strong potential talent can be lined up this month, then Wilson Tortosa and I will teach a small, personalized Seminar for hand-picked attendees, FREE OF CHARGE, in mid-June, right in our Caloocan office,” David explains.  “Some artists were only making $10 a page in the local Filipino market before they joined us.  Now they’re making as much as $300 a page — sometimes more — working for USA publishers.”

Some of the many successful Filipino artists making their mark in the American market right now include Bong (Star Wars) Dazo, Carlo (Iron Man) Pagulayan, Jeffrey (Iron Man) Huet, Rainier (Thunderbolts) Beredo, Harvey (Ultimate X-Men) Tolibao, Stephen (Wolverine: Origins) Segovia, Lui (Red Sonja) Antonio, and a host of manga artists.  You could be joining them!

Pinoy artists who design, draw, or color for the American market through GHG do NOT have to live in the USA or worry about Passports to travel.  They are able to work from home or in GHG’s own large, air-conditioned offices and are paid American rates for their work.

Now is your chance:  Don’t by shy.  Don’t let it pass you by! ( from : www.glasshousegraphics.com )


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