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Free Comic Book Day Philippines blog report

This is my blog post on what happened at the FCBD

Free comics were given away last Saturday at the Comic Odyssey in Robinsons Galeria, I arrived early in the morning once the mall opens at 10am. I was surprised to see a number of 20 people already outside the store and falling in line, most of them are inside the store checking out some comics bin and some of them bought some back issue comics,. I interview some of the early birds and they are from a group of collectors who are a member of an online forum.

I immediately set up my laptop, camera and microphone, then place my laptop outside the store, I’m using the free wifi access of the mall so its not a problem for me, but the good signal comes from outside the store infront of the entrance. While I placed the camera and microphone on the glass display counter near the entrance, a better view of the whole store. I tested the online broadcast that minute, just experience some wonky connection and after a few minutes, everything is smooth and online.

Thanks to our friend OJ, who went early to help me compose a database of FCBD visitors, and glad that he brought a camera tripod, there we use his tripod for the camera and it was place in a very good view, semi birds eye view.

I just recorded the online video stream, from 10am-2pm, and some of the highlights are available for view in my youtube account. I didn’t posted all of the video because some of them runs about a 40-minute footage, were you can see people laughing, talking and getting their free comics.

I really like the idea that we did a countdown from 10 to zero and many people enjoyed it, it was like celebrating Xmas or New year and this time we go to celebrate the love of reading comics. “Welcome to Free Comic book Day” Sandy Sansolis, owner of the Comic Odyssey store, shouted after the countdown and everyone went to scream “Yey!!!” and it was the best part of the event.

I got the idea of broadcasting the FCBD sometime last year, I prepared for it and I am very happy that this year’s FCBD online video stream is a big success, got connected from a lot of people and Filipino around the world, just like our friend Homer who is in Cebu and David of Sydney, Australia was there online with other pinoy viewers and David relays his experience about the FCBD in his country that started 4 hours early ( which states that Australia might celebrated it first than here in the Philippines). Also at the online video stream and chat, Tom Pomplum, publisher for Graphic Classics was online and also Anne Timmons artist for “The Dream” of Graphic Classics, both of them wants to see Gerry Alanguilan online and glad that it turn out well, funny to see Gerry’s reaction when I told him about Tom and Anne viewing his comic signing sessions with fans. Also great to see some of the online chatters are chatting with Anne Timmons and glad that they get connected in an instant via my online stream and chat for the FCBD day in the Philippines.

Comic book signings started at around 1pm and Gerry Alanguilan, Edgar Tadeo, Budjette Tan and Mico Suayan was there as one of the guest artist, and also there are lot of artist went there to say hi and participated the event, Leinil Yu arrived later that day and also other artists like Jonas Diego, Gilbert Monsanto, Dennis Crisostomo, Gio Paredes, Randy Valiente, Andrew Villar and many more. Comic fans was there and glad that they received some quick sketches, autographs and also commissioned pin up artworks. Budjette Tan distribute limited posters of Trese comics, while Gerry give away some copies of Elmer issue 3 comics.

I was busy that time moderating the chat online and also monitoring the video stream, I just talked to some fans while waiting for my time to leave. And also the effectiveness of the FCBD event is that it attracts a lot of non reading comics individuals who went there too to get some comics, there are kids, mom and dads – in other words -> family members are all there, waiting in the line.

I just can’t believe to see that impact of the FCBD, thus it makes the scene here in Manila to host the biggest FCBD event and thanks to Comic Odyssey and glad that Sandy is so prepared for it, also there are other FCBD event that happend in Manila, there were FCBD event at Fullybooked and Druids Keep, some say that there are other stores in Q.C. and Makati who just got their own FCBD event. It was so cool, sad to say that I failed to promote them too, because when I checked the official website of FCBD, only Comic Odyssey was listed there are as one of the official host in the Philippines and I was not aware that they updated the website days before the FCBD May 3, 2008.

Comic Odyssey gave away 3 FCBD exclusives on each visitor, and also 20 pcs. of comics in their back issue bin, and a Graphic Classics for the first 250 visitors. Some say that the FCBD exclusives ran out at 2:30pm, thus making some problem in some visitors who are still lining up. All left at that time were back issues. So some of the visitor accepted the truth that they missed the FCBD exclusives,but were happy to take home some back issues limited to 10 pcs at that time. And also met our pinoy artists who were present that day.

It was a fun event and right now I’m having a concept for making this FCBD bigger next year by helping all comic stores in promoting the joy and fun of reading comics. See you all next year!!!

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