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The fun is just beginning…

Haverhill, MA, May 29, 2008 – Who says you can never go home again? Professor Mystik, that’s who!

Bounding off the character’s return after a long absence in issue #1, issue #2 continues to turn things upside down for the Fist of Justice. And when an unexpected visitor shows up needing help, he, also known as Marc Mason, finds himself in the thick of it all again.

Scripted by promising writer Mike Imboden, with stunning art by Eduardo Savid, Ric Milk, John Wycough, and Stacie Ponder, Fist of Justice takes comic book superheroes back to their roots, yet maintains its modern charm.

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news from Marvel : Triumph Division: Pinoy Super Team???

thanks to Budjette Tan of Alamat ML for this breaking news..-

teka…sa Manila, Philippines ba??? or baka ibang Manila yan.


Q: Do other countries have their own super-hero teams?

Joe Quesada: Chris, of course other countries have
super heroes. We’ve seen some of the other heroes and
teams that are active worldwide, including Alpha/Omega
Flight in Canada, the Winter Guard in Russia, MI:13 in
the UK (along with the more covert ClanDestine), and
Big Hero 6 in Japan. INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #2 introduces
the Triumph Division, the super-team of Manila, in
just a few short weeks. And S.H.I.E.L.D. is an
international organization, so they operate on a
global scale, though they’re mostly funded and staffed
at the executive level by Americans.

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Philippines Comics: Wakas Na Ba (Panel Talks)

Philippines Comics: did it end?

Perhaps the same question all of you are asking, and maybe the same answer that everyone is saying.

then check out the Panel Talks this Saturday in Figaro cafe at Tagaytay City. I might be there to attend the panel talk by Jonas Diego and Gerry Alanguilan, but I’m not sure if I can make it this saturday for a video and photo coverage, we need to archive these panel talks for future use.

read more info here at Hugzone

Start: May 31, ’08 3:00p

To cap the week-long Tagaytay Multimedia Workshops and Festival is a talk on the state of comics art and industry on May 31 at 3PM at Figaro Tagaytay. Speakers are comics artists Gerry Alanguilan and Jonas Diego, and publisher Boboy Yonzon. Open to the public.

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The Search For Weng Weng docu film teaser!

finally, we can see a short teaser  of Andrew Leavold documentary film about Weng Weng.

read more here

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Meeting the people of Kolektib Intelidyens

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This is the final event I attended last Saturday, and lucky me to have a meet up with comic artist Ryan Orosco before going to Cubao Expo. I arrived too early for the event, and it was hot in the street of Cubao and I crawled down via taxi from my visit in Fullybooked Free comic book day.

But I decided to have a cold drinks and surf the internet in Gloria Jeans Coffee in Shopwise Araneta Center, were I waited for Ryan’s return from his meeting. I texted Budjette at 3:00pm if they are already there, and the replied that everyone is already in the event, then I decided to go late and get updates and do some chores for me work were I try to resolve some website problems for Glass House Graphics.

Me and Ryan walked around the Araneta Center up to the Cubao Expo, were the event called 9 in 1 Kolektib Intelidyens, ( Collective Intelligence), its an event by the Visual Print Enterprise, a comic and book publisher for 9 artists.

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Met the brilliant minds behind the comics of Trese, Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, Kiko Machine, and many more. It was like a mini comic convention, because there are lots of comic fans went there just to meet the artists to get their book and comics signed by the artists, and also ask advice for their comic creators and works. Our local comic creators went there too as a fan of their fellow artists in the industry and it was fun to see them hanging out and while we take air outside the venue we had a great chat outside.

from my chat here are some great news from them.

I asked David Hontiveros about his superhero character novel online, and told him if he is willing to print the novel into comics, he said that he is willing for comics version of his novel, but its hard to manage and get artist nowadays and bring them in as a job for the title, as I told him about budget issues, and yes.. printing it is very expensive in this time, I asked what if there’s someone did a fan-comic version of the novel without your consent, do you consider it?, then he said that its okay, but it will be great if he will be informed about it first. Sounds good noh? but thats only my make idea and just asked him maybe he can make it a comic book version. To know more of his online novel, visit http://davidhontiveros.com/

Then i got a short talk with Budjette Tan and Carlo Vergara, I just reminded them again for the Toy Con and I’m super excited to have Carlo and Budjette as one of my guest for the ToyCon and I told them about the panel discussions hour with the comics creator, I really want Carlo to join the panel, and yes it will be a big promotion and also an awareness that Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah has a sequel in comics. Jonas Diego was there too, and I told him about my Toy Con and invited him to join the panels, heard from him that he is working a new comics series with our local artists, even that he is not sure if the comics will be available at that time, he said that he will try to release and show some comic teasers and samples.

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Chompy and Lyndon Gregorio

Lyndon Gregorio, Lei Chompy Muncal and Syeri Baet was there too, my fellow Artist’s Den group, I talked to them about the latest news for the Komikon, and they said that the convention will be on the month of November and tentatively on the 22nd. They were planning to have a mini comic even before the convention and the venue still be in U.P. Bahay ng Alumni. and the big news from Syeri. She’s getting married with her long time BF comic artist Jon Zamar, congrats in advance. For Lyndon and Beerkada news, hmm heard that he will release new Beeerkada Plush dolls. and my bet is a PSYCHO COW doll! ahhahahaa! which will be launched in Toy Con 2008.

For the first time I met Kajo Baldisimo, artist for Trese comics. We discuss some matters about his addition in the talent roster of Glass House Graphics and heard from Kajo that they are making a new issue of Trese, which I read it too in the Alamat ML that there’s a teaser, which I failed to look at it at the event.

//images.popazrael.multiply.com/image/2/photos/388/500x500/26/P5240122.JPG?et=U02TOaMmRmR%2B%2CEN3uRywsQ&nmid=97706198” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Btw, Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah part 2 comics was exhibited at the event, but you can check more of the preview pages in Carlo Vergara’s blog at http://carverhouse.blogspot.com/

Got a great talk too with Manix Abrera, and extended my invite for the Toy Con 2008 and can’t believe that he is so excited when I asked him to join with us, he said that he will be releasing a secret merchandise of Kiko Machine or maybe one of his comic works, Reisa also told me to keep it secret haahaa, congrats to Reisa too for her college graduation, now I see a marketer in the works.

met and talked to great people like Freely Abrigo and Johnny Balbona, and I’m a little bit jealous for he takes home a Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah giant poster hehehe, go Johnny! thanks for that yucky news about the hair band condom news in China.

the event is a great success. hope there will be another exhibit and also meet and greet with our local artists. arghhh.. im tired already and this will be my last post for the week. see you next weekend!

more photos and album below

more photos in my album at Komiks creators @ 9 in 1 Kolektib Intelidyens

//images.popazrael.multiply.com/image/2/photos/388/500x500/52/P5240148.JPG?et=mTxCDHZhhYdbpUTL6sxVXA&nmid=97706198” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Ryan and David

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Ryan, David, Budjette, Johnny, Jonas and Me

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Kajo and me

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Budjette reviewing some portfolio

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the ID

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Carlo and David

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CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING Meeting the people of Kolektib Intelidyens

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Free comics at Fullybooked Free Comic Book Day

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Free comics!! whether you like or not, you will take home a free comics.

Fullybooked celebrated the Free Comic Book Day, and this is the 2nd biggest free comics celebration in a store. And my guess is right many people lined up before 10am in their branch in Bonifacio High Street, got a long talk with the owner of the store, Jaime Daez, and he told me that the line went long up to the other side of the whole street. This is a big sign that the free comic book day celebration is a big success in the Philippines and I’m already predicting that the celebration will be bigger next year.

Free comic book day exclusive were given away for free to all store visitor, its a one comic per visitor policy, after receiving your free comics, the store attendant will stamp you a sign that you already claimed your comics. Also lucky customers who bought any item in the store that day won some items in the raffle and lucky draw gimik. Heroclix exclusive item from Diamond comics were given as prizes for the raffle.

Jamie Daez told me about the silent auction for old collectible comic titles and character statues, I noticed that some of the items are from his private collection, Collecting comics, toys and artworks are a good investment, he said that to me and I totally agree with him, because I’ve been into collecting comics and toys in the past and I’m a heavy buyer of comics and toys during the 90’s and as time goes by, there are times that I need to dispose some of my collections due to lack of space at home and my worry of the item to be damaged accidentally. So some of it are from his collections way back 5-6 years ago, and upon seeing these items are really a hot collectible for me, Like the Sandman 1st and 2nd issue cover, Iron fist vs. Captain America issue, Wolverine 1st on-going series, Spider-man comics and best fight issue, Transformers limited series set that I heard from my reporter that the item was bid off at P1500. Signatured and autographed comics, First appearance of Sentinels in X-men comics, Star Wars classic comics, Batman TPB and many more.

//images.popazrael.multiply.com/image/2/photos/387/500x500/62/P5230068.JPG?et=nuAIu22%2BC%2CWBC3C786aung&nmid=97704825” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Fusion!!!! – Goten and Trunks won’t be happy to see this.
Also statues and figures are auctioned also, hot items like the Iron Man stealth statue that i heard from my reported that it was bid off at P35000. Star Wars statues, Movie props and replicas, and many more.

I really like the set up in their store, it was like a mini convention for comics, then during the hour we saw a guy in a Lobo costume. The bounty hunter costume being displayed his muscled figure and took photos with comics fan during the event. there’s a contest during the day to all visitors in comic book characters costume.

My grab for the free comics is the 30 days of night convention exclusive, I was about to take home the Uncanny X-men FCBD, but when I saw Ben Templesmith cover of Red Snow, I immediately decided to get the horror comics. Sorry X-men, but the vampires in snow attracts me more.

//images.popazrael.multiply.com/image/2/photos/387/500x500/80/P5230086.JPG?et=tmwCB34sfJgQoGuDj%2CIcuQ&nmid=97704825” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Azrael meets the intergalactic bounty hunter – Lobo.
and no! he is not Piolo Pascual..

also during my long talk with Jaime, he noted me that there will be another BIG foreign comic book artist visiting the country this year and Fullybooked will host another comic signing and event for the artist.. I won’t say who he is heheehe. Stay tuned here in my blog for more info.

if you need a tip, there’s a paypal donation in my sidebar hahahah ( just kidding!!!!! )

more photos and link below after the link

more photos in my album at Free Comic Book Day @ Fullybooked, Boni High Street

check out Martin’s coverage in his blog Free Comic Book Day at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street (May 24, 2008)

//images.popazrael.multiply.com/image/3/photos/387/500x500/1/P5230006.JPG?et=5M%2BcHqba%2Bd7jPAKPHyBASw&nmid=97704825” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING Bounter Hunter and Free comics at Fullybooked Free Comic Book Day

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The all-British graphic novel Henry V, has been awarded a Silver Medal at the 2008 Independent Publishers Awards (the “IPPYs”) in America.

This year’s contest attracted a total of 3,175 entries and saw the Original Text Henry V, which was released in November 2007, win runner-up in the Graphic Novel/Drawn Book- Drama/Documentary category.

“The quality of this year’s entries has been totally amazing” – Independent Publisher

Chairman of Classical Comics, Clive Bryant said, “We are absolutely delighted to win this award with our first book. To see this dream become a reality, and then to gain recognition for our books has been a truly emotional experience. In fact, we’ve had such a positive response to both Henry V and Macbeth that we’ve increased the number of titles in production”.

Classical Comics’ pioneering multiple text versions of well-loved literature have proven to be a success around the globe, particularly with students and teachers, who welcome this vibrant, colourful way of introducing the classics.

Two further adaptations, Frankenstein and Jane Eyre, are due to be published in September this year; with another five titles being released between October 2008 and January 2009.http://www.classicalcomics.com

IPPY Award ceremony May 30th during Book Expo America, LA

Classical Comics are new UK publishers who are creating engaging versions of literary classics, by converting the timeless stories into stunning, full colour graphic novels.

Spearheaded by Clive Bryant, Chairman, following his successful exit from a business start-up, he was joined by Karen Wenborn as Managing Director in May 2007. The core team was cemented when Jo Wheeler became Creative Director soon afterwards.

To quote Clive ‘Neither Karen or I have a publishing background, but we’re both strong businesspeople, and are probably overly enthusiastic about books, literacy and education. Jo comes from a print background, so we rely on her to make sure the end product is right.’

As well as meeting the criteria of being strong in colour, dynamic in action, vibrant, engaging and exciting, the books have a myriad of applications in education across all ages and skill levels.

The team of scriptwriters include teachers, playwrights and novelists, while the artists range from newspaper stalwarts to Spiderman creators and Eagle award winners.

“I’m fascinated by your approach to the play and its language. I find them gripping, dramatic and, although for me the original Shakespeare is always my reason for turning to these plays, I think that what you are doing in illuminating and making perhaps more lucid, especially for young people, is clever and meaningful.”

– Patrick Stewart, Actor

“This is a fun way of getting into the stories. Plays are not meant to be read but to be seen. The illustrations in these books are an easy way of following what is going on.
The genius of Shakespeare is in the language but for some students understanding it can be a struggle. It will be useful for teachers to have three different versions of the text.”

– Ian McNeilly, director of the National Association for the Teaching of English

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Sell your indie comics at Toy Con 2008

for more info read this announcement at [link]

Our Toy Con site is having problems lately. due to massive visitors of the website, we encounter bandwidth problems and if you encounter it again. pls use our blog link to get updates about our event


official page is still active, kindly check [link]


3 more weeks to go !!!!! whohohhoohoho!!!!

are you excited???

for comments, feedbacks or suggestion. feel free to contact me here

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Let loose this Summer – Mangaholix Manga Mania 2008

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I’m not really sure if I can attend this year’s Mangaholix. The event is about comics, anime, manga and gaming and this is their 2nd year at SM MOA ( correct me if I’m wrong), and this might be one of the biggest anime-manga convention in Manila, after a long years of waiting for another convention similar to the local events we know, The organizer and the publisher of the comics Mangaholix will give a full blast promoting local talents in comics and the AniManGaming lifestyle, thats Anime, Manga and Gaming if you didn’t know the meaning 🙂

this will be my first time to attend their event, and I’m excited to participate as a spectator (fan boy mode) of the event.

might be there at 10am and leave at 12nn, for I’ll attend another event outside the city and back again in Manila for a rock event that I’m involved in. see you next weekend!

read below for event info


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Comics lecture and talk at Tagaytay Multi-Media Workshops and Festival

SYMPOSIUM (Free to the public, first come/first served)
Venue: Figaro Tagaytay, except for May 27 in DAP

Read more here

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Free Comic Book Day at Fully Booked (Schedule of Activities)

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It’s an Auction-Packed day!

Schedule of Activities:

Registration for the silent and live auction: 10:00 AM

Film Showing in U-View: 11:00 AM onwards

Silent Auction: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Live Auction: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Some items to be auctioned off:

Complete Sandman by Neil Gaiman #1 – 75

Lost Girls Slipcase signed by Alan Moore

Batman the Dark Knight Returns signed by Frank Miller

Batman Hush Slipcase signed and remarked by Jim Lee

Watchmen Signed and Numbered Slipcase

Stealth Iron Man Comiquette

XMen vs. Sentinels Diorama # 3

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Biopinoys features Larry Alcala

Lauro Zarate Alcala (b. August 18, 1926 – d. 2002), also known as Larry Alcala, was a well-known editorial cartoonist and illustrator in the Philippines.


He was born on August 18, 1926 to Ernesto Alcala and Elpidia Zarate in Daraga, Albay. Through a scholarship from Manila Times granted by the publisher Ramón Roces, he obtained a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting at the University of the Philippines (UP) in 1950. He became a professor at the same university from 1951 to 1981. He also received the Australian Cultural Award accompanied by a travel study grant in 1975.

Read more here

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