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Philip Tan signs exclusive contract with DC comics

Best known recently for his work on Spawn and Spawn: Godslayer, DC Comics has confirmed for Newsarama that artist Philip Tan has signed an exclusive contract with the company. The length of the contract was

“This is really about the interest and support DC has shown to me, and how passionate Dan DiDio has been
toward the plans he has for me working with DC Comics,” Tan told Newsarama. “And I really appreciate
that overall. It’s one of those things where we talk about the long-term goals for myself and DC, and they
have a real interest in finding the right type of work for me and the projects that will best showcase my
talents. Plus, everyone at DC has been really, really cool welcoming me.”

For Tan, the move to DC is one of finally being able to work on some of his favorite characters. “I grew up
on DC characters and have read them throughout my career, but I never got the chance to work on them
before this,” Tan said. “So this is a great opportunity for me to work on the characters.”

And while the artist is named as one of the handful of pencilers who will be working on May’s DC Universe #0, Tan played coy about his immediate future at DC.

“There are some big things happening in the next year at DC. And I’m very excited to be a part of that. The
project I’m working on really is one of the biggest of my career. I’m more excited than anyone else to
announce this project. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about it yet. But now, at least I get to tell people
it’s something really cool for DC Comics.”



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