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Secret Invasion issue 1 – World Premiere

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I thought that the comics will be available on a Saturday, and I’m glad that I went to Filbars SM MOA last Monday to ask when will the Secret Invasion issue 1 will come out in our local store, and the world premiere of the release of the comics is on April 2, our local comic store went on a great schedule releasing on April 3. So I went back to Filbars awhile ago to check if the issue 1 is available and lucky me they still got one copy left, its the nearest mall and comic store for me here in Cavite, so when I arrived home, I read it immediately and was too shock to talk on what I saw here. And I got a variant blank cover for issue 1 – hmmm hope I can get a Leinil Yu sketch for this cover 🙂 wink wink

Its a lot more bigger than the Civil War series, a lot of scary revelations occur for Issue 1 and its a big explosive premiere for Secret Invasion. I won’t post any stories for issue 1, but I’ll just post some panels for a teaser to everyone. You wont be spoiled here, promise.

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  1. ei…just how much na ngayon ang comics…coz i’m waiting for upcoming marvels and i’m wondering kung mau2bos ba ang budget ko…hehehe…thanks…

    Comment by Reichelle M | October 5, 2008 | Reply

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