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Private Iris (Jamie Bautista & Arnold Arre)

got this news from Alamat ML.

FROM : http://community.livejournal.com/castcomic/

Sir Jamie discussed a comic book on Jam 88.3’s Shelve
It, then went on to announce one of the several
reasons why Cast is taking so long.

Jamie Bautista and Arnold Arre will soon be launching
Private Iris, a children’s comic series. By his
description, Iris is the smart but shy girl detective
of the series, with a sidekick who has more
personality than she does! Think Mulder and Scully’s
dynamics for kids, or a local version of Disney’s
Filmore. It’s bound to be smart and really cool.

This series and Cast 12 will very likely come in close
succession over the coming months.

BTW Sir Jamie will make another appearance on Shelve
It when it airs in the last Thursday of April, he said
so. He will probably make a few announcements then.


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