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Another komiks news from the hot hot hot hot sun

Fresh Buko juice! Is a good drink to beat the hot summer (not a shamless plug)

Time to write an original content for this blog, as you see that I’m a little bit lazy in writing news for this blog, my work and other extra activities are blocking me and makes me blog for a short while here at Komiks News Now. I’m very happy that this blog is already been recognized from other part of the country like in the U.S.A. and Singapore, well I just browsed some facts about this blog and I’m glad that they consider this as a source for Philippine Komiks news.

Thanks to everyone who reads, comments and submit news for Komiks News Now Philippines. Although that  I have a lot of  plans for this blog, like moving to a new domain or transfering to a new hosting ground, but I’m still worried for all of the post in our archives and its hard to organize a lot of files and also old news.  I don’t want some articles or news being be buried here, just dig it and read it.

 Barbargsa komiks
After we release the news about the komiks in Mindanao being produced by the US army, from this day I haven’t seen any images or people blog about it if ever they receive a copy of this komiks, Im still waiting for a copy and I think I might investigate and ask some officials if they really published a thousand copies of Barbargsa, even in the internet I saw some blog post and forum comments asking for a copy and they are willing to buy one.

Pinoy Komiks Award
Every  event like my ToyCon, we have this award to  Pinoy artist every year and we give an apperciation award or something from our friends who requested to mention and give a big tribute for their big contribution in our art, comics, movies and pop culture industry. It all began when Tony Velasquez was given an award by Dennis Villegas and other people who love and consider Tony Velasquez as one of the first and father of Pinoy komiks at my event ToyCon 2004 ( I think), and followed by an award we gave to Alfredo Alcala Sr. and last year to Floro Dery.  Last year it was a totally different award, because the first award given to Tony Velasquez and to Alfredo Alcala Sr. are posthumous award, while to Floro Dery is an appreciation award for his contribution and work for Transformers, Also the same year 501st Legion and George Lucas gave an award to Alfredo Alcala Sr. for his big contribution for the world of Star Wars.

For 2008, we already have a candidate for an award, and our clue is this is a posthumous award.
(Ding! hagis mo ang bato dali! )

Komiks gone wild
Im seeing a good development in our local newstand komiks and I heard that it sells well to the masses. that includes me! hahahah.  Been buying these Lovenotes and Caparas Komiks and I enjoy their revamp for having it in colored format. Although that in the Caparas Komiks made a short change in some interior art, but it doesnt matter, Im still entertained and will go for more. I enjoy the Lovenotes komiks, Mr. Joe d mango is funny to see in a cartoon or illustrated form. I’m happy to see that instead of looking at his photo and face in every other pages ahhahaha. Nice art for Lovenotes.
i haven’t grab the new MMK or Maalala mo kaya komiks, no copies been delivered here in Bacoor, Cavite and check it out! I’ll post soon a photo of a news stand vendor here in our place that specialize in komiks selling only. isn’t that cool ?

And last news, i heard that the komiks we are expecting to be released last February is now turning to be shelved already.
Just heard the news and no confirmation yet from the project leader, heard that the suppose to be-publisher will be running the pages, but I think they hold it till they got a good deal under a new management. hmmmm???

thats our new content for this week, I’m going to hit the mall and enjoy some free aircon! wohohohohh


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