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The TRESE poster

this one just came in!

We’ll be giving away the TRESE poster during FREE

Check out the poster at:

Buy a copy of TRESE: MURDER ON BALETE DRIVE and get a
free poster. It’s that simple!

It’ll definitely be available at Comic Odyssey,
Robinsons Galleria. I’ll update you guys if we’ll make
the poster available at other comic book stores.

Please check my Twitter page on Saturday morning for

(If you already bought a copy, don’t worry because
we’re putting together a plan so you can also get the
free TRESE poster. More details about that soon!)

One more thing, if you see two suspicious looking
individuals lurking around Comic Odyssey, Galleria and
Comic Quest, Megamall during FREE COMIC BOOK DAY,
that’s probably me and Kajo. 🙂




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Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah part 2


yes!! its true! saw the big update at Carlo Vergara’s blog that the Zsa Zsa komiks sequel will be available online. I was informed last year about the sequel of Zsa Zssa Zaturnnah, but I didn’t know that Carlo plans to release the komiks in digital format.  Carlo said that the sequel was done upon many request by comics fans and also a future movie again, (maybe). But the good news is that Carlo is back again in making komiks and I smell in the new future that the sequel might be available in print (I hope).

for more info about Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah visit Mr. Vergara’s blog at http://carverhouse.blogspot.com/

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Free Comic Book Day May 3, 2008 (Comic Odyssey,Robinsons Galleria)

– check out this message from Comic Odyssey in Manila, Philippines.
Also I will be broadcasting the FCBD event via internet and video stream, will post more updates and a link of the page in the coming days.


COME JOIN US ON SATURDAY, MAY 3 2008 FOR the Free Comic Book Day at our ROBINSONS GALLERIA Branch from 12pm-5pm. We will be giving out FREE COMIC BOOK DAY edition comics from various publishers.

These FCBD edition comics will be limited to (3) copies per customer, however, we will also be giving out THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of other comics for FREE with no set limit.

To celebrate Free Comic Book Day, we will also be offering:
*50% off all back issues in the comic bins
*Raffle prizes every half hour

*Guest artists Gerry Alanguilan and Edgar Tadeo
The first 200 people in attendance will also receive a FREE copy of:

featuring art and cover by GERRY ALANGUILAN

Gerry and Edgar will be in attendance to sign your comics and create sketches.

Autographs and quick sketches will be free of charge.

Full sketches/drawings of the character of your choice will cost P500 each.

We are now taking advance reservations for full sketches/drawings by Gerry and/or Edgar.

Simply send me an e-mail request with the artist and character of your choice.

First come first served.


Comic Odyssey – nixshop at gmail.com

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Trese sold out in some bookstore.

here’s a message from Budjette Tan.,  I haven’t got my own copy, will try my luck later in comic odyssey.

Last Wednesday, my friend texted that she got a copy
of TRESE at National Bookstore, Greenbelt. I went
there Thursday and it was already sold out. 🙂

I asked the lady at Customer Service if she could
check the nearest branch. So, she called up Glorietta
and they were already sold out as well.

It might take them a week before they could restock

Visprint is in the process of delivering to the other

Comic Quest and Comic Odyssey MIGHT get their copies
this weekend. So, if you’re a regular buyer there,
then tell them to already reserve you a copy.

If it will be more convenient for you to go to a
branch of National Bookstore, Powerbooks, Fully
Booked, and Pandayan Bookstore, then I highly suggest
that you call them up / email them and ask them to
reserve a copy for you.

Below are the contact info of the said bookstores:
Continue reading

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Private Iris – book launch @ Fullybooked, Boni High St.

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It was the day of mystery and adventure,but the main hero and CSI-like are kids, and at the Private Iris book launching at Fullybooked, Boni High, kids, teens, adults, comic reader and book lover celebrate the launch of a new adventure comic book called Private Iris. Playing investigator and detective for a day made a dream come true for visitors, there are activities in every floor of Fullybooked for kids that gives them task to investigate something, others are coloring and drawing activity.

Its great to see our comic creators who went there to support the comics created by Jamie Bautista and Arnold Arre. congrats to Blue Cow publishing and to their team for releasing Private Iris

more articles, photos and album below after the jump

CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING Private Iris – book launch @ Fullybooked, Boni High St.

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Wilson Tortosa for Wolverine manga comics

NEW YORK, NY – April 19, 2008 – Marvel Entertainment and Del Rey Manga, an imprint of Ballantine Books at the Random House Publishing Group, announced today the creative team for a manga based on the popular X-Men character, Wolverine. The series will be written by Antony Johnston, author of the Alex Rider graphic novels Stormbreaker and Point Blanc. The manga will be illustrated by Wilson Tortosa, artist of Tomb Raider and Battle of the Planets.

The manga chronicles the history of Wolverine, a mutant best known for his adamantium claws. Logan, a rebellious teen training in a remote school in the Canadian wilderness, has no memory of his life prior to being found in the forest near the school. But that forgotten life is about to come after him with a vengeance in this shônen thriller. (Shônen manga is aimed at boys through their teens and focuses on action.)

read more here

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Philip Tan signs exclusive contract with DC comics

Best known recently for his work on Spawn and Spawn: Godslayer, DC Comics has confirmed for Newsarama that artist Philip Tan has signed an exclusive contract with the company. The length of the contract was

“This is really about the interest and support DC has shown to me, and how passionate Dan DiDio has been
toward the plans he has for me working with DC Comics,” Tan told Newsarama. “And I really appreciate
that overall. It’s one of those things where we talk about the long-term goals for myself and DC, and they
have a real interest in finding the right type of work for me and the projects that will best showcase my
talents. Plus, everyone at DC has been really, really cool welcoming me.”

For Tan, the move to DC is one of finally being able to work on some of his favorite characters. “I grew up
on DC characters and have read them throughout my career, but I never got the chance to work on them
before this,” Tan said. “So this is a great opportunity for me to work on the characters.”

And while the artist is named as one of the handful of pencilers who will be working on May’s DC Universe #0, Tan played coy about his immediate future at DC.

“There are some big things happening in the next year at DC. And I’m very excited to be a part of that. The
project I’m working on really is one of the biggest of my career. I’m more excited than anyone else to
announce this project. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about it yet. But now, at least I get to tell people
it’s something really cool for DC Comics.”


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13 days to go for Trese komiks

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check out this great update from mr. babbling point himself – Budjette Tan for he gave us a big update about the Trese komiks book 1 compilation, and there’s a video were we can see the actual size of the comic book and it looks like that the comics has been resized and larger than the original release. There are other added pages like sketches, illustrations and character designs.

hmmm..hope we can see Alexandra Trese in bikini !!!

cover price : Php140

you can read more about the update and the video here at

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Arnold Arre’s “The Mythology Class Adventures” comic series in the Manila Times

The Mythology Class Adventures
(click the image to zoom)

Arnold Arre is getting hot today! new series, new graphic novel coming out from nowhere.

and now a comic series will be available in the page of Manila Times.

here’s an email from Cynthia Arre.

Dear friends,

Arnold Arre’s new comic series “The Mythology Class Adventures”, a spinoff of his graphic novel “The Mythology Class”, will appear in the lifestyle section of The Manila Times every Friday. Hope you can check it out.

(: Cynthia

here’s a sample page of Manila Times, under the Lifestyle section
(click the image to zoom)

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Angel Locsin as Varga

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Word is going around that Angel Locsin will play Varga, the first Darna at the Kapamilya network. As most of us know, she previously portrayed the role of Darna during her stay at channel 7 which was said to be one of the best komiks tv series of the network.

Mars Ravelo created “Varga” in Bulaklak Magazine in year 1947, month of July. Varga was actually the first Darna since Mr. Ravelo created it three years before the much renowned “Darna” that was aired at the Kapuso network. The author actually remade the komiks because he left his previous employ (B. M.) and was hired at Ace Publications where he reintroduced Varga to the public as Darna.


Komiks News Now note: hmmm.. I’m totally speechless today about this news.. will the people see Angel as Varga or… DARNA ?

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Private Iris Comic Book Launch

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There’s a new kid in town and she wants to meet you at Fully Booked.

Gear up to solve the mystery of Private Iris on April 19, 2008.

Solve mystery games from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM while the mystery of Private Iris unravels at 3 o’clock at the Forum, 4/F Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street.

Private Iris is a mystery comic series that challenges kids of all ages to match wits with MacGuffin Plainsʼ brilliant but secretive super sleuth, Private Iris. When Danton, the most popular boy in school, joins forces with Private Iris, the most intelligent loner in town, you get a crime-solving team that canʼt be beat! Irisʼ genius level intellect and high-tech gadgets combined with Dantonʼs winning personality and his amazing athletic skills will show that thereʼs no case that canʼt be cracked and no villain that canʼt be caught. So join Private Iris and Danton as they right wrongs while discovering the importance of learning and friendship.

Private Iris has a mystery gift for parents and kids in every copy of the comic book.

Find out on April 19!

Want to make sure that a seat is reserved for you and your kid?

Please call 750-9999 to pre-register or inquire. Look for Florence.

For more details on Private Iris, check out http://www.privateiris.com

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Sindak Magazine – Out now!!!!

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the terror and horror is here!

check out Sindak Magazine  in our local bookstore, and 711 store.

more news and preview pages  can be found in KC Kordero’s blog at http://comicspotting.blogspot.com/2008/04/waitings-over.html

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