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Glass House Graphics Europe Launches with U.K. Office

New venture coincides with the commemoration of Glass House Graphics 15th anniversary

Expanding on its growing presence in the international comic book, illustration, and animation scene, Glass House Graphics opens its first office in Europe this month located in Bristol, England, which is managed by Trevor Landolt, best known as editor-in-chief of Praxis Comics,

Under the guidance of GHG’s founder and C.E.O, David Campiti, Trevor Landolt plans to bring the diverse culture of comics and media services that Glass House Graphics has long offered. This will be important to European artists, who will now have an enhanced pipeline to top comics publishers, characters, and titles. It will also be important to European companies who wish to take advantage of the wide range of services GHG offers.

GHG Europe also ensures an active presence at the largest Conventions, Shows, and Exhibitions of related/relevant media, broadening their range of visibility and creative opportunities through the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and beyond.

Landolt says, “I’ve already begun scouting and coaching European talent for Glass House Graphics. I feel privileged to be able to represent GHG in Europe and, given their track record with artists in other parts of the world, this truly is of huge significance for artists in this continent. This new milestone marks Glass House Graphics as the leading comics agency in the world.”

GHG Founder and CEO, David Campiti

“To our clients, we sell the experience of working with the best-trained, most creative comics professionals in the world, explains GHG’s David Campiti. “No other agency on the planet puts the hours, months, sometimes years of training that we put into our people, most notably outside the U.S., but with American talents as well. Now we’re able that’s exactly what we want to carry on doing in Europe.”

(photos : Manila-International Comics Creation Seminar 2006 and 2007 )

Trevor Landolt has been working with Comics since 2004 and, during this period has developed the reputation as one of the upcoming International Editors — accomplishing licensing deals and creating innovative and successful marketing campaigns, both in and out of comics. Trevor also services as a translator for GHG Europe, and is fluent in 4 languages.

Landolt was in communications with GHG’s Brazilian Director Vitor Ishimura regarding the translations of various project; following a very good working relationship, Ishimura had the foresight to approach Landolt regarding a new position within Glass House Graphics.

Ishimura states, “I have no doubt that this will be a another success expansion for GHG. This a satisfying way to celebrate GHG’s 15th anniversary, and we would like to welcome Trevor Landolt to our Company.”

To reach Glass House Graphics in Europe, please contact:

Glass House Graphics Europe,
Trevor Landolt,
17 Bramble Drive,
Dursley -Bristol
GL11 5PX, England.

Email : trevor@glasshousegraphics.com

More information regarding Glass House Graphics., its members, services, properties and other projects can be found at www.glasshousegraphics.com.


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