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Gary Mayoralgo exhibit

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Gary texted me today and he informed me about his coming exhibit next week. And its one of his dream to have a one man exhibit, andI’m so happy to know that his exhibit will happen next week, congrat pre!
Gary is known from doing lots of Star Wars fan art and we did a one Star Wars fan film for our club Star Wars Philippines, also he pencils on Wildstorm’s Taleweaver comics.

–thru sms

See my latest artworks and short films in an interactive multimedia exhibit entitled SPECTRUM, at the Glorietta EDSA Cupola, Ayala Center on April 9-13. See ya!


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Dark Pages komiks still on sale

I just received a blog comment from Jeffrey Ong and he said that they still have copies of Dark Pages komiks, for those who haven’t read the title, I highly recommend it, esp. if you love reading horror comics and pinoy komik art, this is the komik for you. Also they are planning to have a 2nd issue soon after all remaining copies are sold.

A series of unexpected events led us to finding a few good and unadulterated copies of DARK PAGES issue #1. We are selling it and if you’re interested in purchasing a copy/s, please send me an email (aseroproduction2006@yahoo.com.ph) so we can talk about the gory details. Or you can call or text me at 09185017734 (my mobile) and 7387319 (my landline).


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Reno Maniquis and his comics works now on sale

Filipino comic artist Reno Maniquis shared to us his comics works that is now currently on sale in U.S.
Check out the full list of comics he had done with independent comic publishers located outside the Philippines.

WALL OF ANGELS #5 (TwentyToSix Books)
WALL OF ANGELS is a series of inter-related story arcs that explores the boundaries between technology and mythology, science and superstition, good and evil, angels and demons, human and inhuman. In THE FRANCHISE, a watershed moment has been reached. A mysterious figure known only as Ignacio has manipulated the CEO of a Talbot Security into finding an ancient artifact of unknown power that will change the world forever. A classic story of adventure and intrigue, of good versus evil, The Franchise is a six issue miniseries in the WALL OF ANGELS universe.

This Issue: The all battle issue as Nick goes head to head with Fortune and only one walks away. This is also the inaugural issue featuring the art of Reno Maniquis. New bold look, new bold direction!

For more info go to http://www.twentytosix.com and also available as a free download from wowio.com (US residents only).

Written and Illustrated by Steven Prouse, Anthony Hightower, Chuck Brown, Eraklis Petmezas, Rob Hicks, John Padding, Daniele Serra, Mauricio Castro, Mark Gottlieb, Carlos Campos O., Thomas Wells, Monty, Dana Shukartsi, Corey Stokes, Chris McJunkin, Steven Ekstrom, Douglas Draper, Patrick Tkaczynski, Reno Maniquis, Travis Legge, Alexander Levita, Phil Parkerson, Chris Carroll, Andrew Gregory, Bobby Irving and Rodrigo Ramos Rodolfo

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 96

54 year old Remus Filch lives on his Pig Farm 35 miles outside Charville, a northern mid-sized city. Everyone would have described him as a quiet simple man. Except for one thing; his fetish for prostitutes. Primarily his insatiable desire to murder them. His pigs love them too… as dinner. Remus disposes of the bodies like any good psychopath would, by chopping them to bits and feeding them to his animals. This issue of Sequential Suicide collects 14 all-new stories from some incredible comics talent focusing on Remus and his victims.

Enter the suicidal world of comics. Travel with 803 Studios through their newest edition of their acclaimed anthology, Sequential Suicide! SS is a collection of new and untested comics talent centered around an annual theme. Announced in August of ’06, Sequential Suicide gives 803 Studios the opportunity to continue what they were founded to do, support independent and unpublished comics talent around the globe. 803 Studios continues to build its fan library and publishing reputation by releasing this second issue of Sequential Suicide, our first ever open-submissions anthology. Thanks for supporting 803 Studios and the independent artists and writers in this year’s edition of Sequential Suicide!

Available at www.indyplanet.com.

Graphic Classics Volume 6: Ambrose Bierce – 2nd Edition
by Ambrose Bierce, Mort Castle, Rod Lott, Antonella Caputo, Steven Cerio, Stanley Shaw, Carlo Vergara, Reno Maniquis, Mark A. Nelson, Annie Owens, Michael Slack, Dan Burr, Milton Knight, Roger Langridge, Dan O’Neill, Shary Flenniken, Johnny Ryan, Florence Cestac, Mark Dancey

Graphic Classics: Ambrose Bierce is revised, with 70 new pages, including new comics adaptations of “Moxon’s Master”, “The Damned Thing” and “The Monk and the Hangman’s Daughter”. Returning from the first edition are “The Stranger” and four other tales, plus a collection of 20 short fables illustrated by Dan O’Neill, Shary Flenniken, Florence Cestac, Johnny Ryan and more great artists. With a stunning cover illustration by Steven Cerio.

Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Eureka Productions; 2 edition (August 1, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0978791959
ISBN-13: 978-0978791957

Available in August, 2008.

The Hierograph: Volume One
Paperback book, $19.95, 84 pages, 8.5″ x 11″, perfect binding, full-color interior ink
Description: The Hierograph is a quarterly anthology of art, comics, prose and poetry that features a diverse selection from creators all over the world. This inaugural volume includes Paul Cartwright, Gerardo Gonzalez, Nick Knight, Tim Twelves, Julio Molina-Muscara, Anthony Garcia, Jan Carlo Maniquis, Chris Lynch, Spyros Verykios, Matt Bowers, Tim Bowers, Niall Presnall-Kelleher, ArleneWow!, and Alfonso Ruiz. Edited and compiled by Anthony Garcia. 80 pages, color and b/w.

Available from lulu.com and indyplanet.com.

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Pixel Pintura Workshops

Pixel Pintura 2008 poster

The Pixel Pintura is now on its 6th year! Click the poster for a larger version.

Digital Coloring Basics is 4 sessions @ 3 hours a session.
Digital Coloring Pro is 6 sessions @ 3 hours a session.
Digital Painting Basics is 6 sessions @ 3 hours a session.

Any of the workshops can be taken solo or with a friend.  Maximum of 2 students.

We are located at 854 A. Mabini St. Mandaluyong City. Philippines of course.

If you’d like to ask about the price or other details kindly tet me at 09167481644 or contact me through this blog. My phone line is dead at the moment, and I don’t know when it’ll be back. (It will sound like no one is answering the phone.)


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Taga-ilog interview Part 2

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hehee..the part 2 video interview is here!


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10 page preview of Marvel’s Secret Invasion

I’m already getting crazy since last month about this upcoming Marvel comics new cross over and Its time to go back the old ways of playing hide and seek. Look for the unknown enemy in your own backyard! Oh boy, I’m sure I’ll hit the comic store next week for the first issue. Don’t miss this comics, penciled by Pinoy artist, Leinil Yu.

what are we expecting from this series? here are some of my 1 peso load points.
1. revelation of who are the skrulls disguising as our superhero characters.
2. infiltrating the Marvel universe, time frame will be revealed
3. Where in the world is Elektra and Blackbolt
4. Captain America alive?? or really dead
5. Tony Stark is a skrull! hahahaha
6. Who else is a skrull
7. Will the skrull make friends with the humans and pay a rental fee for staying on Earth?
8. How long is this series?!!!!! i just hope that it will last til November 2008.
9. ok I’ll shut up!, I’m a skrull!

read the preview by visit this link.

check out also below for a animated web episode feature on Secret Invasion.
and also a link for the Secret Invasions Prologue comic preview that shows some great clues on where to find Skrulled superheroes. This is a great lead to start speculating.

CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING 10 page preview of Marvel’s Secret Invasion

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Comics 2 film interviews Gerry Alanguilan (Elmer comics)

just saw this in my inbox, and yes! I wanna see Elmer in live action movie with CGI Chickens!!!

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ELEVATOR (E): Describe ‘Elmer’ in two sentences or less.

Gerry Alanguilan (GA): Elmer is a comic book that speculates what it would be like if chickens had suddenly gained the intelligence and consciousness of humans and are now demanding rights due to them as the newest members of the human race. It is the story of a family of chickens who struggle to survive in a suddenly complicated, dangerous and yet beautiful world.

E: If you were to compare ‘Elmer’ to a movie or TV show what would it be?

GA: It’s like ‘Schindler’s List‘ meets ‘Babe‘.

Read more here at http://www.comics2film.com/index.php?a=story&b=32073

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Comics Growing Through Blogs

Since iBlog started, Jonas Diego (head of Robo Monkey Pixel Fighters) is one active volunteer and many of us have witnessed how his webcomics evolved through his blog. This coming iBlog4, Jonas will give an update on his blog and webcomics project that he started last year.

Blog comics otherwise known as webcomics are created by independent creators. This, according to Jonas, allows us to get a wider variety of content tackling an equally wide variety of subjects that we don’t normally encounter in traditional mainstream media.

Read more at http://ituloy–angsulong.blogspot.com/2008/03/comics-growing-through-blogs.html

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Harvey Tolibao: Promdi artist destined for the stars

altough that the this news is from last year, I just like to share this great interview feature on Harvey.

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Harvey Tolibao always knew his life was destined for the stars.

True enough, this 26-year-old proud ‘probinsyano’ artist from Mindanao is the force behind the Star Wars comic book series, inking three issues of the phenomenal George Lucas creation since 2006.

His work has been praised in the mainstream comics industry and is now among the growing Pinoy force in the US comics.

“Ang mga dayuhan ay hanga talaga sa mga Pinoy (Foreigners are awed by Filipinos),” Harvey told GMANews.TV.

“From boxing to billiards mayroon talaga palagi ma-i-prove ang mga Pinoy. Pero sa pagiging artist humanga din sila dahil bihira lang ang nakakapasok sa comics industry (From boxing to billiards, Filipinos have already proven something. But as artists, they become more impressed since it’s not very common for Filipinos to break into the comics industry),” he added.

Since being featured in QTV-11’s Review Philippines, Harvey has been receiving a lot of attention as one of the new breed of mainstream comic illustrators which used to be an elusive dream for many aspiring Filipinos and Asians in general before the 1970s.

“Because of the skill and talent we have shown abroad, I am always proud of waving our flag and saying, Pinoy Ako!” he beamed.

Despite being known for his work on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (issue 12), Harvey’s pride and glory is the fact that he was able send his two sisters through college. He is also taking care of his younger brother’s education at the Far Eastern University of the Philippines, taking up Fine Arts, majoring in Advertising.

Currently, Harvey has been very busy working on other comic book projects; in fact, he just squeezed the little time left for himself for this interview.

“It’s really important for me to follow through with the deadlines otherwise I might just wake up next day without the job,” he jokingly said.

Read more here at  http://www.gmanews.tv/story/69310/Harvey-Tolibao-Promdi-artist-destined-for-the-stars

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“Demon’s Regret” Offers Fiendishly Clever Twists and Michael Golden Covers!

First time for Brown/Torres/Golden Team-up in tale of Evil vs. Evil

Atlanta–Take some fallen angels, a bit of fire and brimstone, a disgruntled immortal, a plan to out-deceive the Great Deceiver himself; throw in a slew of Michael Golden covers; and you’ve got the upcoming, highly anticipated mini-series Demon’s Regret nailed on a spike.

Germinating in the brain of writer Mitch Brown for over two years, the plot of Demon’s Regret tags along with the 1/3 of the fallen angels who decide to follow Lucifer in rebellion and war with Archangel Michael. But what happens to those angels that choose the path of evil rather than good? No pathway to salvation, no way of turning back once the dye is cast?!

And, what happens if one of those fallen angels–demons–regrets his decision?

The story focuses on one such angel, Asmodeus, who, although he can never give up his demon status, chooses to assist with the commission of lesser evil to stop greater wrongs as an expression of his anger toward Lucifer. He has done so throughout history….as the reader will soon discover!

But what transpires if/when the boss discovers the ruse?

With shrewd dialogue and story structure from Brown, the interior art is provided by talented creator Wilfredo Torres, who made his first foray into comics on Terminus Media’s series of Evolution books. After being selected as a Top Ten finalist on Comic Book Resources–CB13, Wilfredo went on to work for Mark Waid on Boom! Studio’s limited series, Salem: Queen of Thorns.  His fine line work is an inspired choice to take us into the underworld and beyond.

Cover duties go to comics mastermind Michael Golden, who, with recent work on Iron Man, Exiles, Heroes for Hire, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, and G.I. Joe, seems a perfect choice to bring some devilish dealings to the Demon’s Regret frontage. Touted for his groundbreaking work on The ‘Nam, Micronauts, Dr. Strange, Batman, and Nightwing, recent art projects on Golden include such titles as Modern Masters–Michael Golden; Modern Masters: In the Studio with Michael Golden DVDExcess The Art of Michael Golden, (going into a second printing), and the upcoming Creator Chronicles: Michael Golden Sketch Cover DVD.

Published by Digital Webbing, Demon’s Regret is a unique anti-hero tale that fits in nicely with Digital Webbing’s themed books such as “Bloodrayne” and “Bleeders,” while also reminding us of some other anti-heroes in the comics lexicon who too sometimes use evil to combat evil… Unlike the guy with the skull on his chest and the AK47, however, Asmodeus has no choice.

Come along for the riveting ride!

For information on interviews with the creators contact: evaink@aol.com

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Elmer komiks no.1 FREE to download

this is a great big new for everyone!, Gerry Alanguilan creator and publisher of Elmer comics had given us a free download of the first issue of Elmer, the komiks is already sold out and unavailable, and there might be a case that the 1st issue will no longer be reprinted. Well, lets wait for a good word from Gerry if he will reprint or not and also lets watch his blog for updates if he will open a free download for issue 2, and if  other creators will follow for a free download comics?

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Click this link to download the komiks http://alanguilan.com/sanpablo/elmer/

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Glass House Graphics Europe Launches with U.K. Office

New venture coincides with the commemoration of Glass House Graphics 15th anniversary

Expanding on its growing presence in the international comic book, illustration, and animation scene, Glass House Graphics opens its first office in Europe this month located in Bristol, England, which is managed by Trevor Landolt, best known as editor-in-chief of Praxis Comics,

Under the guidance of GHG’s founder and C.E.O, David Campiti, Trevor Landolt plans to bring the diverse culture of comics and media services that Glass House Graphics has long offered. This will be important to European artists, who will now have an enhanced pipeline to top comics publishers, characters, and titles. It will also be important to European companies who wish to take advantage of the wide range of services GHG offers.

GHG Europe also ensures an active presence at the largest Conventions, Shows, and Exhibitions of related/relevant media, broadening their range of visibility and creative opportunities through the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and beyond.

Landolt says, “I’ve already begun scouting and coaching European talent for Glass House Graphics. I feel privileged to be able to represent GHG in Europe and, given their track record with artists in other parts of the world, this truly is of huge significance for artists in this continent. This new milestone marks Glass House Graphics as the leading comics agency in the world.”

Continue reading

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