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Society of Illustrators Exhibits Michael Golden Artwork


Press Release:
February 14, 2008
Note: Artwork Attached

Society of Illustrators Exhibits Golden Artwork!

New York– The renowned Society of Illustrators in Manhattan is featuring an exhibit of Michael Golden originals for a limited time this month.

Known as the paramount club of renowned artists for over a hundred years, boasting a membership that at various times included such talents as Montgomery Flagg and N.C. Wyeth, the society has also become the artistic home of many of today’s top sequential art illustrators.

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Golden being one! A member since 2007, inducted on the same night as Neal Adams and Basil Gogos, Michael’s artwork is currently being displayed in the third floor gallery, right next to the likes of Rockwell, Lyndecker and Parrish, and in the same room with SI’s famous Oak carved bar and marching band drum–signed by many of the Society luminaries from the past and present such as Frank Frazetta.

The Michael Golden exhibit shows a spectrum of work, and includes a six page sequential segment entitled “The Sniper,” which is one of the first appearance of his influential “The ‘Nam” characters. In addition, the Golden works include canvas pieces of his X-Men and Jurassic Park pieces and much more.

Known for his groundbreaking work on The ‘Nam, Micronauts, G.I. Joe, Dr. Strange, Batman, and Nightwing, there has been an abundance of material on Golden springing up in the last year including Modern Masters: Michael Golden; Modern Masters: In the Studio with Michael Golden DVD; and soon The Creator Chronicles Sketch Cover DVD.

And, with recent covers on Iron Man, Exiles, Heroes for Hire, Wonder Woman, and soon, Wolverine , G.I. Joe, and Demon’s Regret, Golden continues to reinvent himself with each new project.


To cap it off, in addition to his current exhibition at the Society of Illustrators, Golden is also being honored with an extensive exhibition of original art at this year’s Barcelona Comic Con!

For information on how to view the current collection during this limited engagement, contact the Society of Illustrators in Manhattan at: info@societyillustrators.org

For information on Michael Golden and his work, contact: evaink@aol.com


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