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Fil-Canadian J.TORRES’ new project – “THE FAMILY DYNAMIC”

just saw Budj’s twitter post today and I’m sharing you this international comics news about Fil-Canadian J.TORRES’ new comics project.

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As we mentioned in our coverage on Saturday from DC’s RRP meeting, J. Torres will launch a new six issue miniseries in June titled The Family Dynamic. In this case, the title’s a pretty accurate descriptor – Torres’ Family Dynamic is just that – a family of super-heroes.

We spoke with Torres to find out more about the miniseries.

Newsarama: J., let’s start on the ground floor. What is The Family Dynamic in your words?

J. Torres: Well, the first thing I should say is that while Dan announced it at RRP this weekend at the same time as DCU #0, Trinity, etc. no, Family Dynamic isn’t part of those “big events.” It’s a “big event” in my life, and I’m thankful for the attention and exposure it’s getting because of this weekend’s other DC announcements, but sorry no, it’s not about the Marvel Family as some fans have speculated and even e-mailed me about. I want to thank Dan for including us in all of those exciting announcements and I hope retailers and fans are taking note. I like to see our inclusion in all of that as a certain show of confidence in the project and that Dan’s telling everyone to buy this book. Look, they even priced DCU #0 at fifty cents so you’d all have money left over to buy Family Dynamic #1. [laughs]

That said, Family Dynamic is a six-issue miniseries I’m working on with Tim Levins (penciller), Dan Davis (inker), Dave McCaig (colorist), and Adam Schlagman (editor). It’s quite a “big event” for me because it’s my first creator owned book at DC, plus it’s a “reunion project” for me and Tim as we started out in comics together many years ago on a comic called Copybook Tales. Back then we were a couple of college students trying to break into the industry with a minicomic about comic book wannabes, and now we’re both married with a kid each and working together on a miniseries about a superhero family. It comes full circle rather nicely…

Read more here in Newsarama


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