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Caparas Komiks in full color – review by John Becaro

Here’s a review and commentary by our buddy John Becaro, he posted a review in his deviantart journal and I was surprised to see that the full colored comics is already out, and I haven’t visited my favorite news stand store to pick up a new copy of the isssue. Its the 7th issue of the Caparas Komiks series and I know everyone is curious on what Caparas and Sterling publication brought a new addition to its comics.

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High res files of CJC-Sterling Komiks Covers can be
found here:

A brief Komiks Review and Commentary

I used to read and buy Komiks when I was 10years old. My highschool years is the highlights of my addiction on filipino komiks.It was just also later that I was more exposed to Western,Chinese and Japanese Comics.My first love was the real
pinoy komiks, way back I was thrilled on reading Nosferata, Devil Car and so many more. My favorite komiks then is Fantasy and Space Horror in which I really have this nostalgic feeling when I remember such titles.I miss them. Sonic Triangle and Infinity Komiks Publishing are also one of those last holders of Komiks that I used to read.Bata Batuta Komiks, Funny Komiks, Kick Fighter Komiks, Komedi Komiks, Kidlat Komiks and Terminator Komiks are also the Komiks I always used to buy and collect while the others, I just went and rent to a komiksstand–a noble addict komiks reader and fan.

In this article I would like to talk about the latest development of the Caparas- Sterling Komiks that primarily aims to bring back Komiks in a nationwide distribution system. I waited for the colored version first before I made my own commentary about their product.
They have 5 titles which were Estudyante Komiks, OFW Komiks, Super Funny Komiks, Gwapo Komiks and Klasik Komiks. Sad To say, the titles were not consistent and not fully related on their inside stories. I’ll review them not one by one, but by picking
some parts of each title.

It’s now the 7th issue after a temporary halt of distribution during last year.Still using a print paper but now in colors.OFW Komiks didn’t made it to the full color perhaps because of the time element.



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