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Kadiliman preview pages

got this from Budjette’s twitter blog post.  This comics is now available in your local comic shops.

Written by David Hontiveros
Art by Edgar Tadeo
(click thumbnails to see larger version)

view more preview pages here 

During the final days of World War II, the Nazis activated a doomsday device somewhere in the Pacific. The Justice Corps, the Philippines super-hero team, was the only one who could respond in time to stop the device. The survivors of that fateful day were Bituwin, The Ermitanyo, and the super-villain Dr. Kadiliman.

Decades later, we find Dr. Kadiliman, trying to live a peaceful life with his granddaughter Kadi. Once a year, on the anniversary of that day of sacrifice and heroism, Dr. Kadiliman disappears. Where does he go? Who does he meet with? Discover the answers in KADILIMAN: IN THEIR SILENT SHADOW CARNIVAL.


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