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natodas na ko! Topak Comics sold out ?!!

Time to write an original content here in Komiks News Now. A day before Christmas, thats December 24. I went for a last minute shopping for my love ones here in Cavite and after buying all stuff for them I decided to visit the bookstore and magazine stands in the mall. I just saw some new comics and magazine published by our local publishers and also new adult content magazine who just surfaced without my knowledge.

Once I was inside the store I was looking for this new adult magazine, (not that porn, but its a FHM-ish style magazine) then when I was about to ask the bookstore clerk, a young kid with her mom went inside and inquired something. The kid inquired if they have a copy of Topak Comics. and that’s issue 2.  My mind became active and thought of buying the same comics, because I already forgot to grab a copy of it last month after it was released and me featuring it here.

The mom of the kid suddenly burst into anger and told the kid what the hell is Topak comics? is it a comics for idiot people?
then the clerk pulled out a Topak Comics issue 2 out from the cabinet and the mom saw it, and said “ahhh its a comics. you buy these stuff and you make a lot of mess in your room and you will just misplaced it in your room” then the kid said, “im reading this comics! I want it!” then the mom paid for the comics after knowing it was only priced at lower than P100.

then it was my turn to buy at the same hype as the kid I want a Topak comics too.  then the clerk look around and checked the shelf if they still have a copy,then my knees began to shake and it was like Im buying the 1st issue of JLA 10 years ago, it was a big fear coming in and also excitement. Then the clerk looked at me and said that they no longer have copies of Topak comics issue 2. It was like a big punch in my face when I hear that, it was a big punishment for me in not buying the comics on time. then I looked at the kid, smile at him and tried to use the Jedi mind control, trying my luck to buy the comics from him.

but the kid looked at me with a wide grin, just like the Topak guy on the cover of the comics and said, ” heeehehe I got it first!”

to my disappointment, I left the bookstore and headed to eat some ice cream.

this true! and not a kwentong barbero.
I was about to take a photo of that last issue, but decided not do it, the mom might scared at me and yelled
that a big guy like me wants to steal her son’s comic book.

there ya go guys! its christmas and it is a time of sharing, giving and letting it go ahahahaha.

it is pretty clear that the Topak comics is sold out here in my place in Cavite.


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