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just got this great info from David Campiti

To:  GHG Talent

From:  David

ComiCraft has a FANTASTIC 1-day deal on ComiCraft fonts coming up in a matter of hours….take advantage of it.  See below:

At www.activeimages.com


December 21, 2007 For one day only, on January 1, 2008, it’s the COMICRAFT 8th annual never-to-be-repeated sale. All fonts will be just $20.08, and while we know the $20.08 sale price may be a tough-to-swallow one-penny price hike from last year’s never-to-be-repeated sale, it sure is cheap when you consider you can buy some fonts that normally go for upwards of $300!

The sale begins midnight December 31st and ends midnight January 1st (as per your time zone). Now’s the time to build up your font library at remarkably low prices, spend some of that holiday cash, and enjoy using the fonts the comic book professionals themselves use. Check in and order at comicbookfonts.com and let the savings commence!

Every year, COMICRAFT and ACTIVE IMAGES’ comicbookfonts.com add a dozen more fonts to its already expansive library. New fonts to look out for include: COMICRAFT, created especially for our anniversary, HIPFLASK, of course to celebrate the smashing success of ELEPHANTMEN published through Image Comics, FOOM, MILDMANNERED, STICKYFINGERS, TREASURE TROVE, DAVID LLOYD’S KICKBACK and the BRYAN TALBOT font.

Additionally, be sure to grab the MIKE WIERINGO font, as all its proceeds will go to the Hero Initiative, a non-profit group that helps comic book creators in need.

“We feel we have the greatest customers on the planet,” said President & First Tiger Richard Starkings. “And this sale is our annual way of saying thanks — so Thanks for all your support this year and best wishes for a safe holiday and a Happy New Year!”


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Robo Monkey Pixel Fighters

Gerry shares to us a comic project spearheaded by Jonas Diego.

check out http://robomonkeypixelfighters.blogspot.com/


ROBO MONKEY PIXEL FIGHTERS was born out of a love for the printed word and sequential art.

Established in the last quarter of 2007, RMPF’s first foray into the world of business was producing the comic book version of Joe D’ Mango popular radio advice program “Love Notes” and ABS-CBN’s popular TV show “Maalaala mo Kaya” for Sterling, a major publisher and distributor of comic books in the Philippines.

Currently, the studio is set to launch its own comic magazine named “Pocket Comics” in January of 2008, entering the growing local comic book market.

With its people’s many years of experience in comic book production (writing, art, colors, letters, etc.), ROBO MONKEY PIXEL FIGHTERS caters to both traditional (print) and non-traditional (mobile content and web content) modes of publishing.

This is not to say, however, that we only do comic books.

Graphic Design and Layout are just but one of the many services offered by RMPF. Past jobs included work for Architel, the Bureau of Animal Industry, and the Philippine Plastic Industry Association just to name a few.

Drop us a note and see what we can do to bring your project to the next level.

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Captain Barbell meets Darna TV series news update

thanks to Raffy for this juicy news!

In addition to the news, i found out some additional comments regarding the “Captain Barbell Meets Darna” series.
As far as we’re concerned, we have no information on the premise of the team-up series.

I am mytified by an entry I found on “Captain Barbell meets Darna” on wikipedia. Apparently, someone (an insider perhaps? Or just an overzealous fan?) created a wikipedia entry claiming that Villains from both the solo Darna & Capt.Barbell series are going to be part of the cast.

One rumor says (and I repeat- RUMOR) that actress Jean Garcia is to play the role of BRAGUDA, the Anomalkan Queen of the doomed Planet Marte. This Braguda (the source claims) is a younger version of the role due to the blood of virgins she has apparently consumed. (Creepy!!) A character supposedly from Capt. barbell called “Levi”, it claims, is to be played this time by Ariel Rivera instead of Patrick Garcia.

Then the article says that a new character called “ATOMIKA”( a shapeshifter) will be introduced in the series and that this is a replacement for the “Darna” character of MOLECULA.

Whether this “Atomika” chracter is the same character introduced in Mango Comics’ ‘Lastikman’ one-shot graphic novel by Gerry Alanguilan and Arnold Arre remains to be seen.

I will update you guys on any additional information that I find out. Thanks for listening.

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written by Warren Ellis
pencils and inks by Mike Deodato
and colored by Filipino comic colorist Rain Beredo

 read more here

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Kalayaan comics

Check out the video collage of Kalayaan, a comic superhero character created by Gio Paredes. and also below is a custom action figure of Kalayaan. If Gio will sell some of this piece, I will be definitely go in line to add this to my collection. This might be the 1st indie comic character action figure in the Philippines.

more info about Kalayaan at Gio’s blog http://gioparedes.blogspot.com/
the indie comic title is available in all Comic Odyssey branch

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Baggie Florencio

Usapang Komiks repored that Baggie Florencio, one of our great comic artist passed away.

read more here

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Randy Valiente’s Usapang Komiks Podcast #1

visit and hear the podcast here

Randy Valiente can now be heard in a quick fast format of Podcast. let the Usapang Komiks begin!

podcast is in Filipino language.

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New Filipino comics TV series in GMA 7 for 2008

thanks to Raffy for informing us this great news!, Now I’m excited to see a cross over series of Darna and Captain Barbell.
I’m still thinking who will be the actors for Darna and Capt. Barbell. Also check out Robin Padilla as the Joaquin Buradado, the prison guy who turns his tattoo into living animals. its a big wow for 2008! another Pinoy comic classic on TV. Also Gilda Olvidado’s Babangon ako at Dudurugin kita turns now into a TV series along with other Mars Ravelo’s superhero comic Darna and Capt. Barbell. and lastly Carlo J. Caparas’ Joaquin Burdado.

In the future, I hope they can turn some of the Ramon Revilla’s classic movies into TV Series, thats one of my wishlist and yes I’ll be happy to watch those and collect it. or for a crazy idea, how about Gilbert Monsanto’s Digmaan ?

Hi Azrael

This is Raffy of the Official Darna Website.

Since this is a community for Pinoy Superhero fans, I just wanted to mention that GMA Network has released a teaser/trailer preview of 2 “Mars Ravelo Character” shows coming in 2008.

“Dyesebel” is coming and so is the eagerly anticipated “CAPTAIN BARBELL MEETS DARNA”. (Not the final title of the show. just a “working title” for now)

Watch the GMA Teaser trailer on youtube.com or for greater ease, VISIT



Writer/Consultant-Official Darna Website
and Mars Ravelo Superheroes Website

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natodas na ko! Topak Comics sold out ?!!

Time to write an original content here in Komiks News Now. A day before Christmas, thats December 24. I went for a last minute shopping for my love ones here in Cavite and after buying all stuff for them I decided to visit the bookstore and magazine stands in the mall. I just saw some new comics and magazine published by our local publishers and also new adult content magazine who just surfaced without my knowledge.

Once I was inside the store I was looking for this new adult magazine, (not that porn, but its a FHM-ish style magazine) then when I was about to ask the bookstore clerk, a young kid with her mom went inside and inquired something. The kid inquired if they have a copy of Topak Comics. and that’s issue 2.  My mind became active and thought of buying the same comics, because I already forgot to grab a copy of it last month after it was released and me featuring it here.

The mom of the kid suddenly burst into anger and told the kid what the hell is Topak comics? is it a comics for idiot people?
then the clerk pulled out a Topak Comics issue 2 out from the cabinet and the mom saw it, and said “ahhh its a comics. you buy these stuff and you make a lot of mess in your room and you will just misplaced it in your room” then the kid said, “im reading this comics! I want it!” then the mom paid for the comics after knowing it was only priced at lower than P100.

then it was my turn to buy at the same hype as the kid I want a Topak comics too.  then the clerk look around and checked the shelf if they still have a copy,then my knees began to shake and it was like Im buying the 1st issue of JLA 10 years ago, it was a big fear coming in and also excitement. Then the clerk looked at me and said that they no longer have copies of Topak comics issue 2. It was like a big punch in my face when I hear that, it was a big punishment for me in not buying the comics on time. then I looked at the kid, smile at him and tried to use the Jedi mind control, trying my luck to buy the comics from him.

but the kid looked at me with a wide grin, just like the Topak guy on the cover of the comics and said, ” heeehehe I got it first!”

to my disappointment, I left the bookstore and headed to eat some ice cream.

this true! and not a kwentong barbero.
I was about to take a photo of that last issue, but decided not do it, the mom might scared at me and yelled
that a big guy like me wants to steal her son’s comic book.

there ya go guys! its christmas and it is a time of sharing, giving and letting it go ahahahaha.

it is pretty clear that the Topak comics is sold out here in my place in Cavite.

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TAGUAN Graphic Novel Teaser

Komiks.ph released a teaser trailer of an upcoming graphic novel from Adarna House.

 read here and watch the teaser trailer

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Harvey Tolibao Paints Bart as Captain America

Filipino artist Harvey Tolibao uses markers to paint a 10″ Custom Bart Simpson Qee at Druid’s Keep.
thanks to Shiela for covering this

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Maligayang Pasko sa inyo lahat

(in english, merry christmas to everyone!)

here’s an artwork was sent to me by the comic artist Stephen Jorge Segovia


and that’s Gerry Alanguilan’s  version of greeting us a Merry Christmas, click on the link to find it out

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