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Andrew Drilon’s Kare-Kare Komiks : “GRINWIT”

 Andrew Drilon is back again in publishing comic short stories at the Chemistry Set website features another story that taste likes our favorite pinoy dish – Kare Kare

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read Grinwit comics here 


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David Hontivero’s online novel “Pelicula”

habagat pin up by ian sta maria

David Hontiveros had just released his new work online and the web heads are happy to know it, because it is free and more better than downloading ebooks and scanlation of comics.  Its a brand new Pinoy superhero story that I’m sure everyone will love him.

About “Pelicula”

“Fame is a power many dream of possessing.

It is a power Luis Conrado is very familiar with, especially when he assumes his super-powered alter ego Habagat.

Having the power to fly with the eagles, the strength of a hundred men, and the ability to withstand pain and injury can sometimes pale in comparison to the shining, blinding power of fame.

Standing in that blazing spotlight for too long, Luis does not notice the ones standing in the shadows. The architects of his fame.

The ones who hold the true power.”

to read the online novel visit http://www.davidhontiveros.com/

also you can see the  art gallery featuring the character Habagat, created by our Filipino comics creator and artists
visit http://www.davidhontiveros.com/art.html

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Arnold Arre’s new comics project “Martial Law Babies”

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a sample panel from Martial Law Babies

I just saw his comic proofs last sunday at the Neil Gaiman event, and Arnold showed the proof samples to Leinil Yu, when I was about to approached them, Leinil told me, “Hey Az, this is confidential, Arnold’s new comic project”, I was surprised to know about that from him, and I looked at Arnold and I was laughing and told them, “its okay! I wont blog it”. Then Cynthia Arre told me and Mark Cerbo about the story and the title – Martial Law Babies!. and i just found out that I belong to that era – Martial law years and 30 yr old kids!.

Now that the news came out already frm Luis Katigbak’s blog, I guess its already okay to post and publish it here.
and thanks to Mr. Babbling Point  aka Budjette Tan for posting it in Alamat ML 🙂

but the  greatness of this project ( no longer a secret hehehee ) – yes I’m going crazy and already forgotten the news about Andong Agimat the movie.

“I’m in the process of developing two stories,” Arnold tells us. The first is Martial Law Babies, “a coming-of-age story about a group of 30-somethings. We follow the lives of the characters, from their childhood memories to a present-day setting. It’s a very personal story, and it came to me during one of those conversations with college friends over coffee. I also wanted to tackle some issues like where have our peers gone, what did they become? Why are we losing more and more talented people to first world countries? What role do we play in society? And aren’t the younger generations getting better breaks in terms of work since they’re adept in technology and from our perspective, more pampered? So I guess in a way another take on the title is that of us being trapped, we’re under Martial Law so to speak. It’s nearing completion, so hopefully we’ll get to see it in printed form sometime soon.”   – Arnold Arre

 Read more about Martial Law Babies here

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Gilbert Monsanto’s Digmaan poster art

Gilbert Monsanto made a fan comics merging all Filipino comics characters, from classic characters up to modern superheroes and villains characters. The digital comics was titled “Digmaan” means War. It is a war of superheroes and super villains stripped out from the old and new pages of comics. Its like merging different kind of worlds but all are happening only in the Philippine comics universe.

The poster artwork he did is unfinished and Monsanto still want to add 20 more characters for the superhero-villain mash up.

click Download to preview the poster in a large version

visit Gilbert’s art and blog pages at


Page 32 – Maskarado Vs. Captain Barbell

for the Digmaan comics, click here for Page 1 up to Page 63 

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Are we ready for another Bomba komiks ?

Super Hot Komiks #187, 1995
(image from: Pilipino Komiks blog)
I was informed 8 months ago about the another attempt of a local publisher to release a comics suited for mature readers and adults, also we know it as a bold or bomba komat iks. I was surprised to know the publishing company and I expect that it will come out soon. But then after months of waiting, no sign of bomba komiks or bold comics.  Or am I getting late and not aware that it is already been published already?.

and my questions were answered last Komikon, I just met the guy behind it and was surprised to know his vision about having a comics for adults here in the Philippines. He said that the comics is not bold or X rated, he just gave an example like Heavy Metal Magazine and some European comics that  have mature and graphic content. Meaning that it is not a trash comics display porn stars and other non related topics for the comics. It is more about the art and eroticism.

So my questions is, are we ready? or will the community accept the coming of another era for erotic comicsio ?
I just want to wish that this bomba comics won’t be like a fly by night operation just like in the old days. I just read that from here about the old bomba komiks.

If anyone of you has a copy of the new bomba comics, just give us a note here

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Stanley Chi in QTV 11 this Thursday

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here’s an email message from Chopsticks comic creator and Topak Humor Magazine editor, Stanley Chi

Hi there!

I’ll be guesting at QTV Channel 11’s Sobrang Gud Nite Show with Jojo A
this Thursday (Nov. 29, 2007)  11PM. I’ll perform stand up comedy and promote Topak magazine, Please watch it!  Thanks!!!

Stan 😀

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Me, Neil Gaiman and Elmer

Here I am having a short chat with Neil Gaiman and my mission is complete for I gave him my extra copy of Elmer issue 3 a komiks by Gerry Alanguilan. That was my plan ever since the comic was released last Komikon and Gerry gave a extra copy of it and even that I’m going to surprise Gerry for giving a copy of it, it seems that  Gerry reads my mind ! hahahaha.

I was given a chance to have a one on one interview with Neil Gaiman, but I wasn’t prepared that time and I just slipped 2 oppourtunities for a one on one intervie, but its nice that he remembers me as the guy who blog the event and send him email for his visit here once again. And yes.. it all began when he sent me an email, thanking me and everyone and glad that he reads my blog .  Wow !

And I’m happy to know that he said that he always recommend the comics Elmer and he said it was a good book to read.
too bad that I left my issue 2 in my other home and he said that he haven’t read issue 2, but then Gerry told me via email that he will send Neil Gaiman a copy of issue 2

whew! mission accomplished !

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Caparas Komiks, Sterling Publishing and Martin Cadlum

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Komiks.ph reports the mass sms message of Martin Cadlum to all comic creators and komiks dealers after his resignation from the position as a Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Sterling Publishing.

read the full report here at Komiks.ph website

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Neil Gaiman in Manila 2007 – Live blogging

read more here

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Caparas Komiks – the end ???

I read a news flash from Randy Valiente’s blog and he just shared to us what is happening inside the Sterling Publishing and the Caparas Komiks. It seems that the local comics title of Carlo J. Caparas will be reformatted under a new manager or will it be discountinued?

Martin Cadlum, The business manager for the comics of Sterling Publishing, resigned from his job at Sterling and according to Randy, that there is a problem happening between the business partnership and deal of Carlo J. Caparas and Sterling Publishing. And now we ask this question – Is this something going to do with the new comics title of the young and new comic creators ? Is it manga comics ? or something from the vision of Caparas?

read the news at Randy’s blog


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AME Gakuensai anime event Photo Coverage

Another big bang of Anime, Manga and Cosplay at the AME GAKUENSAI
comic artist in costumes! People with bunny and cat ears, mysterious costume beings, fan art, doujinshis and japanese pop culture. All of these can be found at the event of University of the Philippines – Anime and Manga Enthusiasts, is the first ever recognized collegiate anime organization in the Philippines and the AME event is one big anime school fair.

read more and check out the 2 photo event coverage album

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at 1pm

Funny fight scene of Ultraman, Wild Force Power Ranger and Spider-Dan of kiko Machine band

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Glass House Graphics

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Cosplay photo shoot Continue reading

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Neil Gaiman in Manila 2007 update 4

Hello everyone!
time for a short update and Im here googling some scoop on what happened this afternoon at the subic event. I’ll be posting hyper links to blogs and also a photo of Neil Gaiman doing a speech in Subic courtesy by bloggers.

click here  for  the Neil Gaiman in Manila 2007 – Video Live Streaming Page

Continue reading

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